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   Chapter 485 Believe It Now I Can Kill You Here

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"Sophie, it might be too late for you to go now!"

Hugh looked at the cold woman in front of him with burning eyes.

"It's none of your business."

When she saw the appearance of Hugh, Cindy seemed to have understood everything.

"Did you send the photos and videos?"

"Yes!" He didn't deny it.

"Sophie, is it worth doing so much for him? He abandoned you and your child for another woman. Even if he has raised you for eighteen years, I have protected you for five years. Why don't you give me a chance? "

His heart ached. He couldn't believe that Luke had colluded with Marcus, even though he knew why he had done that.

"Hugh, isn't Vivian also pregnant? Do you think you are a good man since you abandoned them and said such words to me? "

Cindy's cold eyes fell on the man. "Don't say whether it's worth it or not. I trust him!"

After saying that, she bypassed Hugh and was about to leave.

"Sophie, you can't go there. It's dangerous there!"

When Hugh looked at her alienation and vigilance, the nerves all over his body were roaring with pain. Although she had become the wife of another man, and even pregnant with another man's child, he could not let her go.

He couldn't just be a spectator like Ken. At this moment, he hated him to the extreme!

"Are you going to watch her put herself in danger?"

Seeing that he couldn't persuade Cindy, Hugh turned to Bruce again.

"So? Will she be safe with you? Mr. Hugh! You say Marcus will hurt her, but do you not? Don't worry. I can protect my niece. "

Bruce glanced at Hugh and said lightly. His tone seemed to describe the weather today. Although it was smooth, the cold and gloomy atmosphere enveloped Hugh, as if the next second the dark fog would devour him.

"Do you believe? I can make you die here right now! "

Hugh felt a little bitter in his throat. "Mr. Bruce, have you forgotten that we are partners? Besides, killing people here will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble. "

"Ha ha..."

For the first time, there wa

s be a little woman.

But she didn't lose her mind, just like she didn't rush into the room and take Marcus away just now!

Standing straight by the wall, Cindy lowered her head, lost in thought.

Suddenly, she looked up at Bruce and asked, "Uncle, if I want you to do something dangerous for me, will you help me?"

Her eyes were fixed on his black eyes, and she stopped breathing without any gasp. "You can refuse!" Finally, she said it.

Then Bruce's eyes suddenly flashed with anger. He stared at her and said in a cold voice that had never appeared in front of her, "If I ask you the question, what will you answer?"

"Me?" She looked strangely at the angry man in front of her and was stunned. She didn't expect him to ask such a question.

"Yes, if it's very dangerous, but I still ask you for help. Will you go?"

Bruce looked at her seriously. He had already known the answer when she asked, but her last sentence still made him very angry.

He had told her that no matter what happened, he would stand by her side and help her at any cost!

'Does she just take it as a joke? In that case…'

"If you can go, I can go!"

Cindy was stunned. 'Will I?' They had only been together for a few days, but when he asked her that just now, the answer in her heart was…

Bruce interrupted her as soon as she opened her mouth.

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