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   Chapter 447 He Was So Angry That He Wanted To Grit His Teeth

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The door was pushed open. When Elvis walked in, he was stunned for a second. He saw a person lying on the eye-catching bed, and that person was Olivia!

But obviously, she didn't have any reaction at the moment.

Did she fall asleep?

He approached the bed step by step. When he saw the woman on the bed, he seemed to understand something.

But Cole just let her go? It seemed that nothing had happened yet?

He looked at the Olivia again. She was in a coma now. He was a little worried.

"Hey, wake up..."

He gently pushed her and patted her on the face, but he didn't expect that just this touch, Olivia reached out her hand instinctively. Then she grabbed his hand tightly, closed her eyes and mumbled, "hot... Water, water... "

Elvis's body stiffened. Somehow, he poured her a glass of water.

He handed the water to her mouth, but found that she couldn't lie down and drink it. He could only help her up and said, "Hey, drink water."

Olivia's whole body was burning, and her face was flushed.

If a normal man was holding such a weak woman in his arms, who could guarantee that he had no other thoughts?

Just as Elvis froze, Olivia took the initiative to lean into his arms.

Coincidentally, Olivia's face brushed against hers. At this moment, she was like a traveler who had been walking for a long time in the desert and finally found water. She couldn't help but want to get closer, as if only in this way could she redeem herself.

Elvis felt that the fire on her body seemed to spread to him. He felt thirsty before he gave her the water in his hand.


He pulled her hand down. This woman wanted to pull his clothes as soon as she came up. This, this was too sudden!

He wanted to push her away first, but as soon as he lowered his head, Olivia half opened her eyes in a daze. At this time, she knew nothing but that what she needed was gone. S

use another way to express his complex emotions in the bottom of his heart, and at this moment, Elvis happened to hit the point.

He put down Olivia, held her in one hand and let her lean on him, while his other fist was immediately aimed at Elvis.

With a bang, Elvis dodged and Alex's fist hit the door.

The sound was so loud that Elvis didn't expect him to hit him so hard. He felt lucky that he had dodged. Otherwise...

It could be seen how angry the man was now!

Although his fist was so heavy and hit the door, he seemed not to feel any pain.

Seeing Alex's angry face, Elvis smiled evilly and said, "Mr. Alex, if you still want to vent your anger, I don't mind accompanying you. But you still have a woman in your arms. If I win, it's not fair."

"Elvis, are you out of your mind? How dare you touch my woman?"

When he said this, Alex was so angry that he wanted to grit his teeth.

He didn't want to admit that she had been touched by a man other than him, but after silently scanning the whole room, the coldness in his heart had completely extinguished the fluke thought.

In the bathroom, her clothes were torn, her lips were broken, and her bed was in a mess...

All of these indicated what had happened in this room just now.

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