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   Chapter 419 Cindy Doesn't Like The Smell Of Alcohol

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7489

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When Marcus arrived at the club, he opened the door of the room and saw Alex leaning against the sofa with his eyes closed. His face was not red, but blue and white.

He wondered how much he had drunk.

"Olivia, Olivia..."

He muttered a few words, and from beginning to end, only the name of Olivia came out of his mouth.

As soon as Marcus approached, someone held his leg tightly.

Alex, who was leaning against the corner of the sofa, smiled intoxicatedly.

"Olivia, you are here."

Marcus kicked him hard with his foot, and the man said again. "Olivia, don't go!"

"I'm not Olivia."

The cold words completely woke up the man.

"It's you!" Alex glanced at Marcus and said lazily.

"You haven't been looking for a woman for a long time. Are you going to drink to death now?"

As a friend, Marcus couldn't just stand by and watch.

"The Mo family came back today." After drinking another mouthful of wine, Alex said lightly.

Frowning, he thought of the female assistant who had worked for Alex for seven years.

It seemed that the Mo family was going to take action seriously this time.

"Are you going to get married?"

He sat on the sofa beside Alex and said lightly.

"Get married? Huh... "

Alex snorted. The only woman he had chosen was Olivia!

As for Shelly, he wouldn't be moved even if she followed him till forty.

If it worked, Olivia would have agreed to stay with him and wouldn't leave him!

"Olivia doesn't like me to touch other women."

Even if Olivia left, he would not have anything to do with any other woman. He believed that if she knew it, she would be angrier.

Marcus looked around the room and found that there was not a single woman in it. There were only a few friends who had been chatting with Alex before.

Seeing Marcus, one of them walked towards him with a glass of wine in his hand.

"Mr. Marcus, it's getting harder and harder to invite you to have a drink."

The man took the glass and poured the red wine into it.

However, Marcus picked up an empty glass and said, "I'll drink water."

Then he poured himself some water.

The man next to her looked at him and shook his head.

In the past, Marcus didn't drink too much at parties, but he woul

e plate number of the motorcycle.

She stood on the side of the road, staring blankly at the people coming and going around her. In an instant, it was as if even the sun above her had turned into a dark cloud, which enveloped her totally.

There were also the medical fees and hospitalization fees she had prepared for her mother in the bag.

Olivia felt that all her strength had been drained. What should she do?

She couldn't afford the same amount of money as that!

When she was with Alex, she could live a comfortable life. She didn't want his money, and he never offered to give her money again.

They got along well all the way. She even deceived herself that as long as it was not about money, they could be seen as ordinary lovers.

However, when the reality was as heavy as a mountain in front of her, how many people could clear the hurdle of money?

The bag was from Alex. She didn't know much about famous brands, but she knew that the gifts he gave her must be very valuable.

She just saw that the bag was simple and generous, and most importantly, it had a large capacity, so she used it. She had been carrying it for more than half a month, and she hadn't changed it.

Now she was robbed on the road. Was it really caused by famous brands?

But that was not the point. The point was, to be honest, she was penniless and had no phone. It was difficult to even ask Cindy for help.

At the same time, it meant that she and her mother had lost their lunch.

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