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   Chapter 418 Get Married Tomorrow

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"Cindy, it's time for meal. Just leave those things there and let the servants clean them up."

Marcus went upstairs and walked into the bedroom. He heard the sound of the cloakroom. Through the crack of the door, he saw that Cindy was packing her clothes and the suitcase they brought back.

He leaned against the door, full of sweetness in his heart.

But before long, his phone rang.

It was Maurice.

"Yes, I just arrived home. What? Is there any news from the Han Group?"

Marcus was referring to their cooperative project.

"It's not that, master. Something happened to Miss Olivia..."

Maurice told Marcus about the photos of Olivia and her mother's hospitalization.

Marcus frowned deeply. Before he could say anything, the phone in his hand was snatched away by a slender hand.

"Are you telling the truth? Was the photo posted by Alex? How could he irritate Mrs. Wanda? Which hospital are they in now?"

Holding the phone, Cindy asked Maurice hurriedly.

Just now, she came over by accident and heard the name of Olivia, so she stood quietly beside. But she didn't expect that the more she heard, the more confused she became.

Maurice said something on the other end of the phone. Hearing what he said, Cindy returned the phone to Marcus and rushed back to the cloakroom.

She took the clothes out of the wardrobe one by one, and took out the suitcase she had packed up before.

Standing at the door, Marcus stared blankly at the woman throwing her clothes into the suitcase. His face suddenly turned gloomy, as if dark clouds were covering the warm sun.

"Cindy, what are you doing?"

He hung up the phone and broke into the cloakroom with a cold face.

Cindy pushed him while packing up quickly.

"Get out of the way. Don't get in the way."

"We just came back. What are you doing?"

Marcus walked over and held her hand.

"Of course we are going to the hospital to see Mrs. Wanda and Olivia."

After a few words, she was hugged tightly by the man.

She raised her head and looked at the man's gloomy face. Why was he angry?

What she didn't know was tha

x seemed to be in a bad mood.

He called out Olivia's name in a muffled voice, telling her that he didn't do that, nor would he do that. Why didn't she believe him! Why was he so untrustworthy in her eyes?

Hearing the sobbing and hoarse voice on the other end of the phone, Cindy]'s heart twitched slightly.

She knew how much Alex loved Olivia. No matter how bad the man was, Cindy instinctively believed that he wouldn't do such a thing to hurt Olivia!

"Cindy, let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow. The wedding will be held next week as you said. I might be a little late today. You go to bed first."

Sure enough, Marcus wasn't as impulsive as before after answering the phone.

He walked to the bedside and held her in his arms.

"I know you are worried about Olivia. I will go with you tomorrow, okay?"

Cindy nestled in the man's arms and felt his warmth. Although he was always so domineering, sometimes even a little unreasonable and inexplicable, as long as he was by her side, she felt incomparably relieved and full of support.

She had loved this man since she was a child, and marrying him was the thing she had always longed for.

But at this critical moment, he said they would get married tomorrow. What was she feeling awkward about?

Now she felt that she was a little sentimental.

She nodded solemnly in his arms.

"Okay, I'll wait for you tomorrow!"

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