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   Chapter 417 I Can't Live Without You. What Should I Do

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Hearing this, Olivia's mind was in a mess.

She was rendered speechless. Her first reaction was to deny it. She muttered, "Mom, I, I didn't. I didn't provoke them. It's not him, not..."

"Are you still unwilling to tell me the truth? I am sick not brain muddled. Don't I know what the master of the Chu family looks like? I recognized him from the photo at the first sight!"


Olivia was almost completely shocked. After a few seconds, she finally realized what the photo her mother received was clear? So she recognized him at a glance?

Huh! It was not strange at all. If it was really Alex who did all this, it was reasonable. Who else knew the grudge between their two families better than him? Her mother saw the photo, and the hero in the photo was Alex. What else could be more destructive than this?

What a cruel move! It was beyond her imagination!

Seeing her flustered expression, Wanda also raised the deepest question in her heart, "Olivia, tell me, did he force you? Am I right?"

Anyone who was involved in such a matter had to guess so.

"No! No... " She denied in a hurry. As soon as she said this, even she herself was stunned.

'Olivia, you're really poisoned by Alex. You can't be cured. At this time, you still protect him instinctively in your heart. It's really pathetic.

But she didn't understand. Wanda would rather hear that her answer was yes.

If she was forced to do so, it wouldn't be so helpless. However, she still denied it. Her denial caused a greater emotional fluctuation of Wanda.

"Really? So you are with him voluntarily?"

"Mom, I..." She didn't dare to hide it anymore. She could only bite her lips and acquiesce.

"You keep it from me... You!"

Wanda almost lost her breath and coughed violently.

Olivia panicked. She quickly helped her up and leaned against the head of the bed. While patting her back to breathe smoothly, she begged, "Mom, don't be excited. I didn't mean to hide it from you. I..."

"I don't care how you started it. At any point, break up with him right now. Don't ever see him again!"


Olivia suddenly raised her head with a pale face.

Yes, she seemed to have forgotten one thing. Even if she had already believed that Alex had used di

to her as long as she said it!

What if she told him that she wanted a future with him?

She didn't know why she was so timid at that time, but he said that he would give her whatever she wanted!

All of a sudden, she felt that everything didn't matter anymore. Who hurt whom? Who betrayed whom? These were nothing compared to the future without him?

Wanda understood what she meant. But before Olivia could finish her sentence, she interrupted, "Don't be silly! You are my daughter. I don't want you to go through that difficult road. No matter how he treat you, as long as his mother is alive, their family will not accept you. Don't you understand?"


Olivia still said.

Why? Of course she knew it, because the hatred between them was a family feud! She would never be able to cross the barrier!

"There's no why! Will you listen to me or not?"

Wanda said in a more serious tone and tried her best to endure the pain on her face.

"Olivia, you and that master, forget it! Don't make things difficult for yourself. It's not your fault or his fault, but... Alas! If you don't listen to me, someone will be injured one day... Ahem... "

Before Wanda finished her words, she coughed again.

Olivia was anxious, "Okay! Mom, I promise, I promise. I'll listen to you. I'll break up with him and never see him again. Please give me some time, give me some time... "

She finally said something like that. All of a sudden, she felt a sense of despair, overwhelming her.

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