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   Chapter 416 Evils

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"No need!"

Olivia refused decisively and fiercely.

Alex was not a man to be trifled with. "Tell me! Or I'll check it myself!"

"No, Alex. I beg you, please don't come, okay? Don't come. My mother hasn't come out yet. I don't know how she is now? If she sees us... "

Olivia's voice was more choked and softer than before. For her mother, she could only beg him.

The man on the other side of the phone closed his eyes painfully. After a long time, he let out a deep breath.

"Come back now. I'll hire the best doctor and nurse for her."

"Alex, don't push me..."

"Who on earth is pushing you? Olivia, either you come back, or I go over, you choose! "

"Please, I have nothing but my mother. Alex, if my mother sees us being together, do you want to piss her off? Give me a few days. Don't come to me or call me. Just let me take care of her here."

All of a sudden, the phone was hung up.

Alex clenched his fists as he heard the sound of hanging up.


He was so angry that he threw the phone out.

Olivia saw that the light of the operating room was off, so she hung up the phone in a hurry and ran to the doctor over there.

"Doctor, how is my mother?"

Seeing her tearful face, the doctor was a little surprised. Before he could answer her, the nurse pushed her mother out of the emergency room.

Seeing her mother lying on the moving bed with her eyes closed and her face pale, Olivia was burning with anxiety.

"Mom..." She called out and wanted to follow her, but was stopped by the doctor.

"Are you the patient's family? Come to my office with me!"

She nodded in a hurry, following the doctor to the office with nervousness and uneasiness, and then returned to the ward.

Before her mother woke up, she sat quietly in front of the bed, thinking of what the doctor had said to her.

This time, the situation was temporarily stable.

However, her mother's physical condition was really not optimistic. Even if she fainted only because

She didn't understand what she meant?

That 'he' meant...

All of a sudden, she opened her mouth wide in astonishment. Tears ran from her cheeks to her mouth. It tasted salty and bitter!

She kept searching in her mind, trying to find something to say.

After a while, she heard her guilty voice. "Not long. That man is my new boyfriend, and, that photo..."

She hemmed and hawed, trying to find any excuse to link these together. The photos had been seen, and it was useless for her to deny. She couldn't say that the person was not her, could she?

Fortunately, her mother couldn't see the man's face clearly. It should be right to say that he was her new boyfriend?

But it was all wrong!

Her mother didn't believe anything she said. She asked with deep doubt, "Boyfriend? Didn't you tell me that you haven't had another boyfriend since you broke up with Cole? "


Olivia's face suddenly turned red and wanted to bite off her own tongue. Sure enough, she was not good at telling lies.

"Since he is your boyfriend, what's his name? What does he do? Why didn't you tell me?" Her mother asked again, staring at her face.


"Why don't you dare to tell me? I don't mind what kind of man he is as long as you like him, but why do you still mess with the Chu Family? You shouldn't do it!"

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