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   Chapter 415 Grandpa, You Have A Good Taste

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Mr. Conrad stood up with a crutch. The butler wanted to help him up, but was stopped by him.

He walked to Baron step by step.

"I'm in charge of the Han Group. When I die, your brother will take charge of it. It's none of your business."

"You have left for more than 20 years. What have you done for me? You have never cared about whether the Han Group and the whole family are alive or dead. Don't try to get benefits. "

Conrad just stared at his eldest son. When Baron heard his father's words, his face turned pale.

He didn't mean that. He just wanted Lillian to find a job in the Han Group. He didn't expect his father to be so angry and scold him so hard!

Clark stood there and didn't say anything. Although it was his brother over there…

Moreover, his father had said that he would give the Han Group to him, so he was not so good as to give it to others.

Just as his father said, it was impossible for him to come back to get benefits after he left home and abandoned everything!

Seeing that Mr. Conrad was so angry, Gina, who was standing next to Baron, pulled his sleeve and asked him not to contradict his father.

"Mr. Conrad, I just want to study in the Han Group. I don't mean anything else." Lillian whispered.

"Aren't you a top student? There are plenty of companies for you to learn from! " Conrad retorted coldly.

He never treated Lillian as his granddaughter, so he didn't allow her to call him "Grandpa" because she was not qualified!

"They are not allowed to interfere in the business of the Han Family!"

Mr. Conrad turned around and said to Clark with a cold face.

"No matter this time or in the future. If I find it, you won't be the chairman of the Han Group anymore! "

"After I die, if you are not afraid of bringing wolves into the house, you can bring her back. Anyway, I can't see her."

Hearing this, Clark did not dare to arrange Lillian to the company again.

Baron was so angry that he ignored Gina and said angrily, "Dad, it's just a job. Is it necessary for you to be so harsh on us? You are partial to an outsider, but don't show any mercy for your granddaughte


Hearing his grandson's words, especially when he saw the confidence on his handsome face, Conrad finally revealed a smile that he hadn't wore for a long time.

"You! Well, it seems that I'm really old. But didn't you say that my granddaughter-in-law was also in the Southern City? Remember to bring her back to me this time. It would be better if you could get married as soon as possible. Then I will let go of half of my worries. "

On the other side, no matter how Alex explained, Olivia didn't listen at all. She had firmly believed that he was the one who gave the photo to her mother!

This time, Alex could no longer control his anger and pain.

He yelled at the phone, "Why me? No one else? What if it was Cole? He is also suspected... "

"No way!"

Before he finished his words, Olivia denied without hesitation, "Don't try to frame others. It can't be him! Not to mention that he couldn't have taken those photos. Just tell me that it was your man who sent the photos to my family today, right? Cole has been to my house, and my neighbors have all seen him. If it were him, he would have been recognized... "

Alex clenched his fists, blue veins standing out on the back of his hands. His anger and resentment were so obvious, but even if he lost his temper now, it could not solve any problem.

It took him a long time to find a clear tone. "Which hospital are you in? I'll be right there! "

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