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   Chapter 414 Who Is The Outsider

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In H City, Mr. Conrad fell ill at an early age, maybe because of the rain before.

It was easy to get better now, but he was weak all over.

He was not afraid of death, but he couldn't leave now. The most important thing in his heart was not finished yet.

Seeing the butler bring the medicine, Mr. Conrad waved his hand.

"Put it aside. I'll drink it later."

"But the doctor has told me that it's better to drink it when it's hot."

Mr. Conrad thought for a while and took the medicine. The medicine was bitter, but he didn't even frown.

The medicine was soon eaten up. He took the handkerchief from the butler and wiped his mouth.

"Go and ask Andy to come here."

"Well I'm afraid that Mr. Andy still doesn't want to see you. "

Mr. Conrad's eyes darkened. "Although he is stubborn, he is actually very soft-hearted. Alas, they are all poor children. It's our fault!"

"Well, you are right! I still remember that when Mr. Andy left with his mother, she was still pregnant and they just stood in the rain. I would never forget that scene. "

Said the butler, wiping his tears quietly.

"So I always want to make up for them when I still have time to live."

Mr. Conrad's eyes also turned red.

"As for my granddaughter, I really want to hold a grand wedding for her! Then I will return all the things that belonged to the two children. After I leave, no one else will look down upon them! "

"They are both outstanding. You don't have to worry too much about them!"

Seeing that Mr. Conrad was about to cry, the butler comforted him in a hurry.

Just as the two of them were talking, there was a knock on the door, and the voice of a servant came.

"Mr. Conrad, Mr. Clark and Mr. Baron are here."

When Mr. Conrad heard that his sons were here, he wiped his tears in a hurry, and the butler helped him tidy up his clothes. Then Mr. Conrad ordered the servant to bring them to the hall.

The butler helped Mr. Conrad get out of bed slowly. When he walked to the hall, he saw a group of people coming in.

They were Clark, Baron, Lillian and Gina.

Seeing Lillian and Gina, Mr. Conrad immediately pulled a long face.

"Don't let someone in casually." Conrad said to the servant.

The servant lowered his head and didn't dare to say anything. Clark answered.

"Dad, brother is here to discuss with you."

Of cou

onrad said, "I've made up my mind." He then softened his tone. "Don't worry. Andy's ability is not inferior to yours. You persuade other shareholders for me on this matter."

Because of his insistence, Clark nodded in agreement.

Clark had no objection and obeyed his father, but Baron was dissatisfied.

"Dad, why don't you give Lillian a chance?"

Baron heard that his father seemed to love his adopted grandson very much, but he didn't expect that he would hand over the business of the Han Family to an outsider!

Lillian majored in business finance, so he should choose Lillian.

"There is no need for an outsider to interfere in the business of the Han Group." Mr. Conrad replied coldly, looking at Gina and Lillian over there.

Even though Gina was dissatisfied, she could only stand aside quietly and didn't dare to say anything in front of Mr. Conrad.

"An outsider?" Baron immediately defended his daughter. "Lillian is my daughter. How could she be an outsider? Don't you also let outsiders manage the Han Group now? "

"Why is it different?" Mr. Conrad sneered and asked.

"He is just your adopted grandson. He has no blood relationship with our Han Family!"

Baron looked at his father. He brought his daughter here because he wanted his father to let Lillian work in the Han Group.

But he didn't expect that he would rather choose an outsider than his granddaughter!

"Well said!" Hearing this, Mr. Conrad was filled with anger. He glared at Baron and snapped.

"I just want to give the Han Group to an outsider. What can you do?"

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