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   Chapter 412 Misfortune Never Come Singly

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'Who else would have the chance to take these photos?'

At this time, even Alex himself could not help but sweat.

They were in a villa district, and there was no doubt of security. The door was also a fingerprint lock. The most important thing was that only the fingerprints of the two of them were recorded.

So there was no third person in the villa except them.

'Someone took photos secretly?


That woman was so shy. Even the door would be closed tightly by her, let alone the curtain.'

If even this possibility could be excluded, then all of this…

Alex thought for a long time but still couldn't get the answer.

But now he was completely uneasy. It was obvious that this was against that woman.

Otherwise, his face wouldn't be blurred, and only hers was exposed.

Of course, it was also possible that someone did not dare to provoke him and did not dare to make the matter a big deal. Or

His eyebrows suddenly twitched. 'Is there someone who wants to use this matter to alienate me from Olivia?'

According to the current situation, he could only deny it, and even himself could not show any evidence to prove that he did not do it. After all, except him, there was really no other suspect.

Therefore, she could only suspect him, and he couldn't get rid of the blame!

If what he was thinking now was true, then he would naturally think of a person.


But it didn't make sense. Cole's love for Olivia shouldn't be fake. How could he do such a thing to ruin her reputation?

What's more, even if he was crazy, he had to have the ability to take such photos!

Alex took everything into consideration, but in the end, he missed one thing!

Sitting on the chair, he just thought that his private life and every move might be seen by others, so he could no longer sit still. He could not help but get goose bumps all over his body.

He put away the photos and rushed home.

When the door was opened, his heart tightened again, because Olivia was not there.

But now he had no time to think about anything els

de the emergency room, she saw her neighbor, Mrs. Cherry.

Mrs. Cherry was warm-hearted. She had been taking good care of them for the past few years. If her mother felt a little uncomfortable, she would help to take care of her even if Olivia was not at home. She was very grateful for this. She had always thought that she could settle down as soon as possible and make more money.

In that case, she could live together with her mother and take care of her. Although they didn't live a rich life, at least they had enough food and clothing.

But she didn't expect that all her plans would be disrupted since she met Alex again.

Seeing her, Mrs. Cherry rushed over, grabbed her hand and shouted, "Olivia, you are finally here. Your mother I'm scared... " As she spoke, her heart was still fluttering with fear.

"Mrs. Cherry, what's wrong with my mother? I talked to her on the phone yesterday. She was fine. Why did she suddenly... "

"Alas!" Mrs. Cherry sighed heavily and patted the back of her hand. With a regretful look, she said, "Olivia… How could you take that kind of photo? Your mother got angry when she saw it... "

Olivia froze and her pupils contracted. 'Photos? Again!'

When she came to her senses, her legs were so weak that she hurriedly supported herself against the wall with her hands to stabilize her body and prevent herself from fainting.

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