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   Chapter 409 Am I Wronging You

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The senior executives present first looked at her, and then looked at Alex who was sitting on the host seat.

Alex was also stunned. He was really surprised to see her here.

Seeing her in such a mess and her red eyes, it was obvious that she had cried. What happened? Did she suffer any grievance and come to complain to him?

He was worried. But he saw that the office was full of people, and he even saw dissatisfaction from some senior shareholders.

It was working hours now. He couldn't leave so many people behind for her. Otherwise, how could he be so prestige?

"Why do you come here at this time? Wait outside. We'll talk about it later! "

He tried his best to remain indifference, and even when he spoke steadily, he tried not to make her feel stiff, and not to let others think that he was indiscriminate between public and private interests.

Seeing this, the secretary came up to mediate and said awkwardly, "I'm sorry, Mr. Alex. Miss Olivia said that she had something urgent to talk to you. Maybe she was too anxious. She came in before I could explain it clearly to her..."

Alex nodded slightly. He completely believed in his secretary's psychological quality and adaptability, so he didn't need to explain too clearly, and he believed that the secretary would understand what he meant. He wanted her to take Olivia out first and settle her well.

However, as they were talking silently Olivia had suddenly woken up.

She was looking for him... Yes, the photos...

Before the secretary could explain the details to her, she spoke first, "Alex, I really have something very important. Can you give me two minutes? I have something to ask you."

She knew how thoughtless she was and how embarrassed she was by doing so.

But she couldn't wait any longer!

Every minute and second was a torture for her before she got his exact answer. So at this time, don't ask her to do anything as the standard of ordinar

Looking at her eyes, she wished she could cut him into pieces. But what on earth had he done?

What he hated most was being wronged, being blamed for nothing. Moreover, what did she say? What did he do to her? Why did he want to destroy her?

Being questioned so indiscriminately by her, Alex was also very angry.

"Olivia, make it clear to me. What did I do to you? Besides, what are you talking about? What do you mean I want to destroy you? I... "

His words were on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed them back. In fact, he also wanted to question her.

This woman... Was her conscience eaten by a dog? Didn't she feel how he treated her for such a long time?

He had never been so kind to anyone before. Even though he knew it was an abyss, he still jumped in for her!

He was under so much pressure. On the one hand, he was thinking about how to explain to his mother about her, and on the other hand, he was trying his best to please her. He didn't even look at other women, all for her! As a result, she only questioned him!

Olivia was in extreme chaos. Apparently, she didn't notice his sad and depressed mood. Since he didn't know why she asked, then... She took those photos out of her bag and threw them in front of him.

"See it clearly! Am I wronging you?"

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