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   Chapter 407 Something Happened

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6706

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After returning to the banquet hall, Cole started to talk with others and accepted their blessings and toasts with a smile. But only he knew how bitter he was.

In the end, he drank too much and was in a daze. All he could think about was the scene that Alex held Olivia in his arms and left together.

It was like a poisonous insect that went deep into his bones and bit his heart. He was a joke from beginning to end!

The only person she loved was Alex, not him! How could this be?

No! It's wrong!

His heart ached. He didn't believe it. How could she not love him?

He was so good to her that he wanted to give his heart to her. How could she fall in love with someone else?

No, no, no...

The thought was like a magic spell, locking Cole. At last, he searched everywhere crazily and finally found the note - the phone number of Shelly.

Then he dialed the number in a quiet corner.

Shelly was not surprised to receive Cole's call. It seemed that everything was within her expectation.

She said to the man on the other end of the phone in an indifferent tone, "Mr. Cole, don't worry. Everything will go well, and your ex-girlfriend will definitely come back to you as you wish!"

After hanging up the phone, Cole was at a loss for a moment.

He seemed to have a vague feeling that if he took this step, he would never be able to turn around.

But he couldn't resist the words "Your ex-girlfriend will definitely come back to you as you wish!"!

After the engagement party, when she went back, Amanda accidentally saw the necklace Alex gave to Olivia, she told her that Alex really loved her!

It was just because of what Amanda said that made Olivia have an impulse to ask him if he thought so in the bottom of his heart?

But she swallowed back her words timidly. In the end, she still owed a lot of courage.

And only after one night, her right eyelid kept twitching, and her heart was always haunted by a sense of uneasiness.

She was afraid that once she asked,

s of the company did not come, so everyone wanted to come to this kind of explosive gossip.

So no matter what Lisa said, no one took her words seriously. Gradually, even the whispers became unscrupulous.

"It's okay to be with your boyfriend. I've never seen anyone post such a photo in public notice board."

"That's right. Those photos are really eye-catching. You can just check these by yourself. It's really shameless to post them like this..."

"But I don't know if she has a boyfriend or not. I heard that her ex-boyfriend came to the company and they had already broken up..."

"Oh, yes. I've heard of it before. I don't think she's special. But several times, someone saw a luxury car pick her up near the company. Did she hook up with a rich man and has a sugar daddy?"

"I think it's possible. Otherwise, why should she do that?"

"Do you think these guys are old and ugly with a big belly? Hiss... That's disgusting. With such a man... "

"I don't think so. Look at the man in the photo. He really has a good figure. Otherwise, look at her. She seems to enjoy it so much..."

"In fact, maybe there is the sugar daddy in the photo?"

"In my opinion, it is highly possible that she is a third party, and she is caught by the wife. That's why they came up with such a trick to make her lose her reputation!"

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