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   Chapter 404 It's All For You!

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6747

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She sighed in her heart, 'Olivia, do you see it clearly? This is the gap!

There is a huge gap between you and him!

The person who can stand by his side aboveboard needs to be elegant, decent and dignified, to accompany him in such an occasion to expand his social network. And not the one who is hiding behind him timidly and dares not to raise her head. Otherwise, how can she deserve him?'

She tried her best to maintain the smile on her face. Fortunately, when she was almost unable to hold on, she saw Amanda coming towards her with a smile.

Amanda smiled happily.

Although Amanda came from abroad, it was obvious that her social ability was much better than that of Olivia.

In just a few days, she had completely integrated into the upper class social circle of the Southern City.

Under the guidance of Amanda, it was not easy for Olivia to get used to the atmosphere.

The engagement ceremony began soon, and everything went on according to the formal process. First, Megan's father made a speech to thank the people present for attending his daughter's engagement party, and then a new couple showed up. After the ceremony, it was the wine party.

For the people of the upper class, it was not just an engagement party. They were more likely to communicate with each other and get close to each other to talk about cooperation.

Alex took the champagne from the waiter and soon surrounded a group of people.

He knew clearly that these people… Most of them wanted to laugh at him.

Although it had been a long time, he had lost in the fight with the Wang Group, and his traitor had become the son-in-law of the Wang Family.

It was really a disgrace.

For example, if he didn't come to the engagement party this time, others would definitely think that he was narrow-minded.

Now that he was here, he was facing the same predicament, so he had to cheer up and deal with it.

Olivia had been with him all the time, and he could tell that she was bored. But fortunately, she was w

"Cole..." She struggled to break away from his hand and uttered a word.

Cole didn't expect her to struggle so hard. So he had to let her go.

Olivia looked at the man in front of her, out of breath. He was wearing a white suit, the same as he was engaged to Mrs. Megan not long ago. 'But why does he pull me like this?'

Perhaps it was because they hadn't seen each other for a long time that Olivia felt in a trance when she looked at the familiar person.

She had indeed decided to live a peaceful life with a man before. 'Is that man the man in front of me? Why is he so strange?'


"Don't..." Seeing that he seemed to want to get close to her, Olivia quickly stepped back and stopped him. "Mr. Cole, please behave yourself! If your fiancee see this, it's not good. "

"Mr. Cole?" Cole repeated what she called him, with a touch of pain in his eyes.

But when he thought of their current situation, he hurriedly explained, "Listen to me, Megan and I are not like what you see. I engaged to her for you!"

Olivia raised her eyes suddenly, as if she was too unbelievable and a little angry about his words. "What are you talking about? For me? You Don't you think it's too irresponsible? For... "

"Olivia!" He snorted and interrupted her. He stepped forward and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to face him.

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