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   Chapter 401 Marcus Is Pretty Good

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The man's kiss was not gentle, and Cindy could clearly see his angry eyes.

He held her shoulders with both hands, but kept a safe distance from her, in order not to hurt the baby in her belly.

"Marcus, it hurts." Cindy murmured.

Marcus didn't respond, but his strength was a little dampened.

He stared at her eyes, trying to see if there was his shadow there.

"Cindy, do you love me?"

Even if he died, he only wanted to be with her. 'What about her?'

"Let's get married," she said in the hospital 'Was she moved for a moment, or…'

He didn't dare to think too much and looked down at her. "Cindy, give it to me!"

Not only her body, but also her heart!

When Cindy woke up, the bed beside her was empty.

She thought he had left. When she sat up, she saw the man sitting outside the balcony.

He held a cigarette in his hand, perhaps because he was afraid that smoking in the room would choke her and the baby in her belly.

Without disturbing him, Cindy lay down again.

Somehow, she felt that the man outside looked very depressed. 'Is he still angry? Is he angry that I didn't follow him to the Han Family?'

"Andy, I've brought a doctor here to check on your wound."

Mr. Conrad and his private doctor stood outside the door and called.

"Andy, are you going to let Grandpa wait outside all the time?"

Seeing no movement inside, Mr. Conrad called out again.

"Mr. Conrad, maybe he has already been lying down." The butler was worried about Conrad's health and persuaded him.

"Even if he lies down, we should have a look at his wound first. What if it relapses?" said Mr. Conrad.

As ordered by him, no one dared to mention leaving again, but there was no sign of Andy opening the door.

They had been waiting for a long time. When they thought the people inside wouldn't open the door for them, the door was suddenly opened from inside.


Seeing his grandson, Mr. Conrad was overjoyed. He waved his hand and signaled the doctor behind him to check the wound for him.

"Why don't you tell me that you are not feeling well? You really treat Grandpa as an outsider! "

As Mr. Conrad spoke, he saw th

o cooperate with Marcus.

It was getting dark when Marcus and Clark finished their business. Clark wanted to invite him to dinner, but Marcus refused.

"Sorry, I have to go back early."

Clark nodded with a smile, "It doesn't matter. You have an appointment, so I won't disturb you."

He had heard that Marcus loved the girl named Cindy very much. He wanted to see what kind of girl she was that could be loved by Marcus.

They came from a rich family. Most of their marriages were arranged by the elders, and they had been wholeheartedly devoted to love. But once they got married, they would not give their hearts to others.

Men still put their career above everything else. No matter how many romantic affairs they had, they were just spice of their life.

But there were very few men like Marcus!

There were also some people like his brother who took love as everything, even losing their families and responsibilities.

Sitting in the car, Marcus kept checking his phone, from the call log to his mailbox.

All the messages were sent yesterday. He had been out for half a day, but she didn't send him a message or call him.

He couldn't help but feel a little irritable. He was angry with her and deliberately came back late last night, wondering if she cared about him.

Today, he also wanted to give her a cold shoulder, but now he was very afraid. He was afraid that if he was cold, she would run away again.

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