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   Chapter 400 Flinch

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It seemed that Mr. Conrad didn't expect that Marcus would bring his friend here. Hearing his words, Mr. Conrad was stunned.

The other people at the table, especially Mrs. Hope and Estelle, thought of Cindy at the first time. The expressions of the two changed instantly.

"Dad, it's our family's dinner. Mr. Marcus, if you want to have dinner with your friend, you can go to the restaurant outside."

Mrs. Hope couldn't help but mumble.

However, Marcus didn't care about her at all. He turned to look at Mr. Conrad.

"Do you mind?"

As soon as his words faded away, all the people present turned to look in the direction of Mr. Conrad.

They had thought that Mr. Conrad would be furious, teach Marcus a lesson or even kick him out.

But what they didn't expect was that what Mr. Conrad said was beyond their expectations.

Mr. Conrad asked indifferently, "What kind of friend is he?"

"Fiancee." Marcus also looked at Mr. Conrad frankly. "Would you mind if I bring her here for dinner?"

Today was a blind date banquet. How could this man say that it was a common meal, especially with his fiancee?

Marcus's words immediately aroused the Han Family's anger.

Mrs. Hope's eyes almost popped out, and even the voice she snorted from her nose was full of anger.

She wanted to ask Marcus what he thought of the Han Family. How dare he be so presumptuous in their house?

Fortunately, Clark stopped his wife from arguing.

Without answering immediately, Mr. Conrad paused, clenched the crutch in his hand, and continued in a low voice, "Bring her here!"

Everyone, including Marcus, thought they had heard it wrong.

In such a blind date banquet, when Marcus brought his woman here, Mr. Conrad didn't scold him at all, and even allowed others to come.

"Is she here?"

Just as everyone was still in shock and unable to come to their senses, Mr. Conrad spoke again.

After asking, he sat up straight and looked at the door involuntarily.

The butler, who took care of Mr. Conrad, knew what was on his mind the most. He kept his eyes on his hand holding a cr

ieve that I will protect her?'

When he heard that she couldn't come, his heart was even colder than the rain outside.

Marcus ignored her and walked past her.

"Marcus," She hurriedly pulled his sleeve, raised her head and gently called him.

He coaxed her when she was angry. Now she didn't mind coaxing him.

The man turned his head and looked at her hand holding his sleeve, but his tone was a little cold. "Let me go."

She shook her head, "No."

He stared at her, and the fire in his heart was still rolling.

Cindy knew clearly what he meant by taking her to the Han Family, but she admitted that she was scared at that moment!


Seeing that she was still holding his hand, he called her name expressionlessly.


Her voice softened a little. She didn't want him to be angry anymore.

Marcus admitted. But when he heard her soft call, his heart softened.

But when he saw her looking at his face to please him like this, he held back his anger.

'Does this woman know why I do all this?'

"Come here!"

His voice was still cold, but he reached out his big hand and picked her up horizontally. From the moment he entered the door, he saw her bare feet.

He carried her into the bedroom. Cindy didn't know what he was going to do, and she didn't get rid of his hand.

The bed was soft. She lay down on it and was covered by the man.

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