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   Chapter 399 A Hunch

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She even cursed him. It could be seen that the woman was still angry after a night.

"Cindy." Marcus sighed, held her hand tightly and said softly.

"I'm sorry." He said softly.

When Cindy looked at the man's apologetic face, her heart was touched. He spoiled her.

She was just angry with not only Marcus, but also herself.

She was angry that she shouldn't have come here with him and got involved in these trifles.

"Cindy." Seeing that Cindy looked away from him, Marcus called her in a low voice. Then he stretched out his hands and held the woman in his arms.

"It's really my fault this time. I shouldn't have hidden it from you."

"I should tell you first." He whispered in her ear, holding her in his arms.

"Cindy, you should know that I won't marry anyone except you, so I bring you here to let them know who is my woman!"

In his arms, Cindy listened to his words and his heartbeat.

Auntie Miranda and Uncle George weren't the kind of people who would force people to do anything, let alone Marcus's marriage.

'Why does Uncle George seem to be so determined this time?'

Cindy frowned slightly. She had a vague feeling that things were not that simple.

She didn't move in his arms, nor did she respond to him.

Marcus looked down at the expression on Cindy's face and thought she was still angry with him.

"Cindy, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me this time?"

Cindy slowly raised her head and looked at the man above her. She opened her mouth but finally didn't ask what she wanted to ask.

After a long while, she finally managed to utter a sentence.

"Well, only this time."

"Really? Cindy, I will protect you and our daughter. "

Hearing her finally speak, Marcus was very happy. He lowered his head and kissed her lips again.

"Cindy, to tell you the truth, we have to go to a place tonight."

He didn't want to hide it from her this time.

"What?" Cindy was confused. When Marcus was about to speak, she seemed to think of something. "Han Family?"

"My Cindy is so smart!" Seeing that she was right, Marcus touched the tip of her nose dotingly.

"Last night, it was my father and the other party'

reason why Mr. Conrad invited Marcus was to unite by marriage. Her appearance would definitely make the banquet a mess.

The wind and rain outside the window made Cindy's heart beat faster.

Marcus had called many times, but he couldn't get through. It was time for the opening of the banquet. Everyone was seated.

"Where is Andy?" Asked Mr. Conrad suddenly.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and Marcus trembled when he heard the name.

"Go and ask Andy to come here."

Knowing why the child was unwilling to come, Mr. Conrad ordered the butler.

His partiality to Andy immediately displeased Mrs. Hope and Estelle.

"Mr. Conrad, who is Andy?" Marcus asked curiously.

"Oh, he is my adopted grandson." Mr. Conrad praised his grandson generously in front of everyone. "My grandson is outstanding. I'm not boasting. I think he is not worse than Mr. Marcus!"

"He also has a sister. She is my granddaughter. I will let you see her another day. You will like her."

Hearing his words, everyone knew what had happened.

Mr. Conrad wanted to give the younger sister of the man who came out of nowhere to Marcus.

Mrs. Hope was not reconciled at all. They had made a lot efforts, but helped others.

Marcus was stunned for a moment. 'Andy? And he has a sister?'

The more he listened, the more he had a premonition.

"Mr. Conrad, I'd like to see him. By the way, I brought my friend with me today. Do you mind? "

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