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   Chapter 398 I Wish He Could Die

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Mr. Conrad's eldest son had gone abroad for many years. He had come back once when his mother died. This was the second time that he had come back in the past more than 20 years.

Estelle had visited her uncle abroad and had a good relationship with Lillian.

When Mrs. Hope saw her daughter come back with wet hair and red eyes, she didn't pay attention to Lillian who followed her in. She hugged her daughter and asked with concern.

"Estelle, what happened to you?"

Did anyone bully you? Who is it? Tell me! "

Mrs. Hope had only one daughter, and she spoiled her very much.


Being held by her mother, Estelle felt even more aggrieved and cried out loud.

Hearing her cry, Clark also went downstairs. He saw Lillian standing quietly behind Estelle.

"Uncle." Lillian pursed her lips and called him.

"You're finally back." Clark smiled and went downstairs.

Seeing that Estelle was still crying in her mother's arms, he couldn't help saying, "Well, I just came back and heard your crying. Why are you crying?"

In the eyes of him, girls shouldn't be too spoiled. It was a good thing to let her suffer occasionally.

However, Mrs. Hope was the opposite. She didn't want her daughter to suffer any grievance.

"Why are you so angry with Estelle? She cried so sadly. Someone must have bullied her. "

As she spoke, Mrs. Hope suddenly remembered that her daughter was going to the meeting with Marcus. "Did Marcus bully you?"

However, as soon as she finished her words, Estelle cried even harder.

"Mom, he said he was not interested in me!"

"He is blind."

Hearing her daughter's words, Mrs. Hope got angry.

In her eyes, her daughter was the best. Those who didn't like her daughter were blind.

Seeing his wife indulge his daughter so much, Clark touched his forehead and looked helpless.

It was not impossible for Marcus to look down upon his daughter. After all, a man like him could not only see a woman's appearance. Besides, he had someone in his heart.

"Mommy!" Hearing what Mrs. Hope said, Estelle was happy. She talked

ust go!"

There were many rooms in the old house of the Han Family, but he said that. It could be seen how much he didn't like his eldest son.

Outside the door, Baron fell into silence, but soon he said. "Okay, I will listen to you."

After saying that, Mr. Baron stood outside the door for a while. Seeing that his father still didn't open the door, he sighed and had no choice but to leave.

After the man outside left, Conrad looked at the man who had been silent on the sofa and asked, "He said he wouldn't leave. What do you think?"

Lowering his head, Andy replied indifferently. "Maybe that man has been outside for many years. He came back when he missed you."

"That man?" Conrad repeated with a smile. "Andy, you still hate him!"

Still keeping his head down, Andy didn't say anything. He really hated that man and wanted to kill him!

On the second day, seeing that Cindy didn't want to talk to him, Marcus came to her again.

He stood at the door and blocked Cindy's way.

The woman only glanced at him, and then said lightly, "Get out of the way!"

Marcus didn't give in. Instead, he grabbed her hand.

"Let me go!" She stared at his hand and said.

"No, I won't."

He didn't let her go. He didn't want her to run away.

With her eyes wide open, Cindy glared at the man in front of her and said angrily, "Marcus, good dogs don't block the way!"

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