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   Chapter 397 At Least Not As Ill-bred as Miss Estelle

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She had already said that she didn't mind his past relationship with Cindy. As long as he was good to her in the future, everything would be fine. But she didn't expect that this man would ignore her.

Of course, Marcus heard what Estelle said, but his handsome face darkened.

Facing this woman who was not sensible and dared to talk nonsense to his woman, he slowly raised his eyelids.

"Estelle, are you blind? Don't you see what I'm doing? "

Regardless of her clenched hands, Marcus added coldly. "I'm not interested in you!"

'No interest!'

Estelle wanted to cry. She took a deep breath. "You're not interested in me, but in this kind of woman?"

She pointed at Cindy and cursed.

Hearing that Marcus was going to marry the Han Family, Cindy was unhappy, but she still ate quietly.

She didn't want to attract attention in such an occasion, so she thought it was better to keep a low profile.

But even if she didn't open her mouth, it didn't mean that she was easy to be bullied!

"Miss Estelle, is this how you behave?"

Finally, Cindy put down the knife and fork in her hand and glanced at Estelle coldly.

"Estelle, watch your language!"

Marcus sneered.

"Marcus, my father and grandfather will never let you go if you bully me like this!" Estelle threatened angrily, still unwilling to give up.

The first time she saw Marcus in the Huo Family, she had fallen in love with him. This man was so attractive.

"Ha Whatever. " Marcus said with a cold smile.

Estelle was not reconciled to that! 'Why doesn't he like me?'

She couldn't help holding the glass of water in front of her and staring at Marcus with her deep eyes.

Noticing her attention, Marcus raised his head and glanced at her coldly. Then he looked at the woman beside him.

"Have some more. Aren't you hungry?"

His gentle words irritated Estelle. Her hand holding the glass trembled.

When she saw that Marcus picked up the knife and fork and cut the beef for Cindy, suddenly, Estelle raised her hand in the air.

She poured the water in her glass forward.

At first, Marcus thought she was going to pour water on him, because what he said just now annoyed the young lady.

Unexpectedly, Estelle didn't dar


This time, Marcus didn't expect the result. The woman was cold to him no matter how he called her. She pretended not to hear anything.

Then he wanted to hug her again, but she walked away from him.

Even if he wanted to sleep with her when they returned to the hotel, she threw his quilt on the sofa without saying anything and locked the bedroom door.

Looking at the tightly locked door of the bedroom, Marcus wondered when she would forgive him.

Once his woman got angry, it was not easy to coax her.

As for Estelle, she cried all the way out of the hotel. She ran so fast that she didn't notice her feet and fell heavily to the ground.

The beautiful woman in a long dress fell to the ground, which immediately attracted the laughter of others.

She got up awkwardly and shouted at those who laughed at her with tears in her eyes. "Why are you laughing? Don't laugh!"

As a lady of a big family, once she lost her tamper, no one could control her.

But this was not the Han Family's house, and there would be no one to please her. No matter how she shouted, everyone pretended not to hear her.

Finally, she had to wipe her tears and walked out of the hotel quickly.


Standing at the door of the hotel and about to take a taxi home, Estelle suddenly heard someone calling her.

When she turned around, she saw a beautiful woman with curly hair behind her. Her eyes with tears were filled with surprise.

"Lillian, you are back!"

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