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   Chapter 396 My Woman, My Daughter

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"Mr. Marcus!"

Her voice was sweet and her smile was not bad.

Marcus glanced at her and smiled. "Miss Estelle."

Hearing the man call her name, Estelle was overjoyed. She didn't expect that he could recognize her.

'Ha ha

I know this man will take a fancy to me.'

It wasn't that Marcus recognized her as Estelle. But since they had an appointment to have dinner, and the woman who came here had obviously dressed up and called him "Marcus", she was the lady of the Han Family.

Without any hesitation, Estelle took the seat opposite to Marcus, which was Cindy's.

But before she could sit down, Marcus said flatly. "Sorry, someone is here."

"What?" Estelle looked surprised. 'Didn't they say that I would be dating with Marcus alone? Didn't his father make it clear to him?'

"Do you mind?" Marcus added.

Estelle was stunned. Although she felt a little uncomfortable, she still maintained a smile and said, "I don't mind."

Then she sat in another seat.

If it were another man, Estelle would have already lost her temper and left.

But the man in front of her was Marcus. She fell in love with him at the first sight, so she had to hold back her temper.

However, after sitting down for a long time, Marcus didn't speak to her.

Seeing that he kept looking in the direction of the bathroom, Estelle finally couldn't help but find a topic first.

"What? Hasn't Mr. Marcus's friend come yet? "

Of course, Estelle thought that the person who came with Marcus was a man. Normally, when other men asked her out, they would bring their friends with them in case of embarrassment.

Marcus didn't reply immediately. It was not until he saw the woman over there that a rare smile appeared on his handsome face.

Marcus was a good-looking man. His smile made Estelle's heart skip a beat.

She thought he smiled towards her, and her face flushed.

On the other side, Cindy, who appeared in the bathroom, saw the woman who suddenly appeared beside Marcus.

She looked at the seat, which she asked him to withdraw just now. He said no, so it was for women!

She felt bad.

And the man over there was still smiling.

Cindy's face darkened and walked towards them, pouting.

But as she walked, she suddenly remembered what he had told her before they came.

"Baby, behave well later!"

'Something is wrong!'

The more Cindy thought abo


Seeing the change of Cindy's mood, Marcus darkened his face and glared at Estelle coldly.

"Don't go too far! No one can decide my marriage! "

As he spoke, his big hand tightly wrapped the little hand of the woman beside him.

"Cindy, don't worry. Nothing will change, okay?"

"Marcus! You! "

Estelle stared at Cindy angrily. She had never expected that she would be treated like this today.

Estelle bit her lips hard and her eyes turned red.

She had investigated the background of Cindy. She was just a declining lady from a rich family, which was no match for her.

She was younger than her. In terms of ability, she studied in a domestic well-known university. She thought she was better than Cindy.

"Marcus, you don't take our Han Family seriously. My grandfather thinks highly of you, so he let you..." Estelle didn't say the word "marry me".

"Marcus, I can keep what happened today a secret from my grandpa and your father. But after we get married, please get rid of the woman around you."

Estelle said to Marcus after she calmed down.

She thought she was giving this man a chance to know that she was not to be trifled with.

But Marcus took out a tissue and wiped the oil from the corner of Cindy's mouth. "Eat slowly."


Being ignored again, Estelle became angry. She had been spoiled since childhood, and had been chased by a large group of men before. She had never been so aggrieved and humiliated.

All of a sudden, she stood up from her seat and twisted Marcus's name in her mouth, trying to make him look up at her.

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