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   Chapter 395 Baby, Behave Well Later

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"You can only show your legs to me!"

Then the man bent over and bit her earlobe.

Cindy trembled, especially when his big hands slid down her back. She knew exactly what he was going to do next.

But now her body…

Especially when she was going to swim!

"Cindy." The man said in a low voice, moving his lips to her cheeks. "Do you want to go out and play?"

"Yes." She nodded obediently.

'Don't we come here just for fun?'

Although she had a vague feeling that something else might happen, she would rather believe that he took her here just to play with her by the way.

However, Marcus brought her here to mess up the situation!

"Then let me be happy first, okay?" He looked at her slightly pulled face, smiled and coaxed her.

Cindy stared at the man in front of her with a pout. "You know I'm pregnant."

"I know. I'll be gentle, okay? Good girl? "

Marcus, who was domineering and gentle, held her in his arms and kissed her again. He put his hands on her back. With a slight movement of his fingers, the belt of the swimsuit was unfastened.

She didn't know that when he saw her coming out of the bathroom, he wanted to strip her naked.

Cindy was not a match for Marcus at all. After a while, her face turned red and her heart beat faster with tears in her eyes.

The temperature in the room rose gradually. When the two of them were deeply in love, suddenly, Marcus's phone rang on the cabinet.

He took a look at his phone and didn't want to answer it. His big hand came at her again, but one after another, they were anxious.

Finally, the man stood up with a straight face and picked up the phone irritably.


"I have made an appointment for you with the family of Mr. Clark of the Han Family for dinner tonight. Don't forget to go." It was George's voice.

Marcus frowned slightly. He knew very well why his father asked him to come here.

But how could he sell his marriage for a bottle of antidote?

"Okay." Marcus said meaningfully. "Didn't you say that Mr. Baron were your classmate? What? Is Mr. Clark also your classmate?

George paused. "Don't you want to go?"

"How could it be? S

appointment with Marcus.

But she thought it was natural for a man to wait for a woman, so she didn't care much about it.

"Estelle, businessmen like to be punctual. You'd better go to the restaurant early than spend your time on dressing up."

"Dad, I'm dressed so well that Marcus can't be angry with me." Estelle didn't take her father's words seriously at all.

Mrs. Hope repeatedly praised her daughter for being beautiful and able to win Marcus's heart tonight.

Looking at their happy faces, Clark was not so optimistic. He thought that when she came back tonight, his family must have a big fight.

When she arrived at the appointed restaurant, Estelle took out her make-up mirror and looked at her makeup before entering. The ladies of the Han Family had inherited good genes and were all beautiful.

Compared with Lillian Han, Estelle was more brilliant and younger.

As she was the lady of the Han Family in H City and her father was in charge of the Han Group, who could be said to be the heir of Conrad, she believed that both her background and appearance could win the favor of Marcus.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, Estelle noticed the men's gaze. She smiled disdainfully and looked for Marcus in the restaurant.

Before Estelle came, Cindy went to the bathroom to wash her hands, so when she arrived, she only saw Marcus.

She smiled and elegantly walked towards the table where Marcus was.

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