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   Chapter 393 The Blood of The Han Family

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"What? Grandpa, do you mean his sister will also come? "

Estelle was arrogant and willful. She couldn't stand a little anger. Hearing Conrad's words, she stood up and pointed at Andy, ignoring the pulling of Mrs. Hope.

However, Andy didn't say anything. He focused on drinking the tea in his glass and just smiled coldly.

"What are you laughing at? Let me tell you, no matter what your sister looks like, she is just a beauty from a humble family. It's impossible for her to become the granddaughter of our Han Family! No way! "

As soon as Estelle finished her words, she saw that Andy, who had been silent before, suddenly raised his eyes. He looked at her coldly and murderously, which made her heart twitch inexplicably.

She clenched her fists and her tongue was a little knotted. When she was about to say something, the man opposite her moved his thin lips and said.

"Of course my sister is a fairy from the heaven. To be the granddaughter of your Han Family? Huh, she disdains it! "

After saying that, without waiting for Conrad to speak, Andy stood up abruptly, turned around and left without looking at them.

Seeing that Andy left, Conrad's face darkened. He threw the teacup in his hand at Estelle.

Estelle wanted to dodge, but was hit on the forehead by his cup. She immediately cried.

"I've told you that if anyone dares to disrespect Andy in this house, get out!"


Estelle cried and moved closer to Mrs. Hope. She couldn't figure out why her grandpa cared more about an outsider who was picked up.

Now he wanted his sister to attend the blind date banquet. So she was not reconciled.

Mrs. Hope's heart ached when her daughter was smashed, but she didn't dare to say anything to Conrad. She could only swallow the insult.

Clark said hesitantly. "Dad, didn't the Huo Family say that they would let Estelle go there? If you bring one more woman who we haven't even met, isn't it appropriate?"

Conrad sneered. "Who says the Huo Family likes your daughter?"

"I'm interested in the child of the Huo Family. As for who will marry him, it depends on the child's will. So what if he chooses among several more people?"

Conrad's words silenced his son.

lso going to come back to find a son-in-law for their daughter. Do you think they really find no good man after living abroad for so many years?"

Looking at his wife's resentful face, Mr. Clark sighed helplessly.

"Can you stop thinking so much? Haven't you heard what Dad said? It depends on Marcus. Besides, even if brother and sister-in-law are as you think, do you think Dad… He will agree?"

"Well, it's true. After all, Estelle is the second lady of the Han Family that Dad has admitted. She is much more legitimate than Lillian. Besides, Estelle is younger than her. Marcus will definitely take a fancy to her. As for the girl I haven't met before, I don't think she will be so outstanding. "

Thinking of this, Mrs. Hope became confident again. Even her frowned eyebrows were relaxed.

Looking at the woman who changed her face so quickly, Clark shook his head.

He had investigated the Huo Family. He had been to the Huo Family and met Marcus before. Marcus left in a hurry without taking a look at Estelle.

What did it mean that he didn't care a beauty? It meant that Marcus had someone in his heart, and once a man like him had someone he liked, no matter how beautiful the other women were, they would not fall into his eyes!

As for Andy's sister, she said that she was not very outstanding. Didn't she see the appearance of Andy?

With such an excellent brother, how could his sister be worse?

'Well, just let them do whatever they want!'

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