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   Chapter 392 The Blind Date Banquet

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"Come on, Cindy. Eat more. You need to nourish yourself."

On the table, Miranda kept putting food into Cindy's bowl, which had already piled up into a hill.

"No, Auntie Miranda. I'm full. You can pick up food for Uncle George."

Cindy looked at Marcus with embarrassment. The man smiled gently and said, "Eat as much as you can. I'll eat the rest."

Seeing the two of them love each other so much, Miranda laughed happily.

However, compared to Miranda, George was a little cold.

Seeing her husband sitting there silently, Miranda elbowed him.

George turned to look at her, only to find that she was glaring at him and grinning. Her meaning was obvious. After all, they had come back safely, so he should say something!

Finally, the man put down his chopsticks gracefully and looked up at his son. After a long time, he finally opened his mouth.

"When are you going to H City?"

As soon as he opened his mouth, he was trampled hard by Miranda's foot under the table.

She seriously suspected that this man was deliberately going against her.

Marcus's gentle face darkened. He tightened his grip on the chopsticks, but he didn't answer.

"I'm asking you? When will you go? "

"To H City? Business? " Cindy obviously sensed the different atmosphere, especially the coldness on Marcus's face.

"Cindy, would you like to go with me? I can take you for a walk. "

Marcus quickly regained his composure. He held her small hand in one hand and looked at her with burning eyes.

"Yes, yes. Cindy, you can go with Marcus! It's good to go out and have fun. "

The smile on Miranda's face froze. She didn't know what her son was going to do. But she was definitely on his side.

Then she put another dish heavily into her husband's bowl. If she had known this, she would not let him speak!

George didn't say anything more, but Cindy's eyes were bright. When Uncle George inadvertently looked at her, her heart beat faster.

She felt like something was going to happen.

The pleasant atmosphere at the table quickly returned. However, when Cindy was about to change the topic to H City, she was interrupted by Marcus and Miranda. Finally, she gave up.

As soon as Marcus and Cindy left, the expression on Miranda's face changed.

She snapped at Ge

people talking at the dinner table.

Estelle had been spoiled since she was a child. Although she had been scolded by her father, she still made a face at him and went into her mother's arms.

"Mom, look at Dad. He is so fierce!"

While they were talking, there was a sound coming from the door. Mrs. Hope quickly patted Estelle on her back and sat down.

There were many rules in the Han Family, such as to walk lightly, not to shout in the corridor, not to make a sound when eating, and so on.

Therefore, neither Mrs. Hope nor Estelle liked to come back, but Clark was filial. What Conrad said was simply an imperial edict for him.

However, when not only Conrad, but also another figure appeared at the door, the faces of Mrs. Hope and Estelle couldn't help changing.

After the meal, Conrad started to talk about something important.

He said seriously.

"Andy will attend the party the day after tomorrow."

The party was specially held to entertain the Huo Family in the Southern City. As for the purpose, they were very clear.

Marcus was the rich son-in-law that Mrs. Hope aimed at. She was eager to marry her daughter.

"Dad, are you kidding? Why could he attend the family feast as an outsider? Besides, it's inconvenient for a man to do that! "

Mrs. Hope opened her mouth. 'I hold a blind date party for my daughter. Why does this outsider come?'

"Andy is an outsider? He is also my grandson. Besides, Andy has a sister. His sister is also my granddaughter. Why can't he attend? "

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