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   Chapter 390 Let's Get Married!

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In the quiet ward, the girl on the bed sometimes lowered her eyes, slowly ate the porridge sent by the man with a spoon, and sometimes looked up at the man sitting beside the bed.

When she fell asleep, she was very stable, since she heard his strong love in her dream.

Seeing that he blew the hot air of every spoon for her, especially the tenderness in his eyes, she pursed the corners of her mouth with a faint smile.

"What's wrong? Cindy, you have to eat more. You are not alone now. You will starve our daughter if don't eat more. Come on, eat some. "

Seeing that she turned her face away, the man coaxed her to bring the spoon back to her.

"Why are you so sure that this is your daughter?"

Cindy chuckled and looked out of the window. The curtain rippled in the breeze, which was a rare comfort.

Marcus put down the bowl and held her hand.

Feeling his warm hands, Cindy's heart was full of happiness.

"By the way, can you really detoxify yourself without the antidote of Hugh?" She still couldn't believe it.

When she heard him say that he had his own research institute, she was just stunned. But when she heard that he said that his poison didn't need the antidote of Hugh, she was happy but worried.

After all, Hugh's research and development technique was unparalleled in the world.

"Don't worry. I'm fine now. Maybe the antidote developed in the research institute is not as powerful as Hugh's, but I think as long as we cure it is slowly, it will definitely be completely recovered, right?"


"No buts! Cindy, don't you believe me? When did I lie to you?"

Looking at the little woman who was frowning in front of him, Marcus wrapped his arms around her chest and comforted her gently above her head, "Besides, you can't make decisions by your own in the future. I'm by your side, and all of us. Don't bear everything alone, okay?"

Her body was tightly wrapped, and her eyebrows were relaxed. She felt the warm embrace from this man.

"Sorry, I just..."

In the past five years, she had only been used to t

lieved, and the tenderness in her eyes became stronger and stronger.

"At that time, I was thinking that if I could see you again, I must say something to you."

She paused and looked up at him deeply.

"……" Marcus had been watching her for a long time. When he saw the calmness on her face, he opened his mouth and finally made a sound.

"Cindy, what... What are you going to say?"

His heart was about to jump out. What could it be? Is that one?

He held his breath and pricked up his ears. He was too afraid that he would miss it or have an auditory hallucination.

This happiness came so fast that he even felt that he was dreaming.

Looking at the dumbfounded man in front of her, Cindy moved her eyes and opened her slightly red and swollen lips again.

"I... I want to drink some water. Can you get me a glass first?"


In an instant, Marcus felt like he had fallen from heaven to the concrete floor, and there was an undisguised embarrassment on his handsome face. He quickly stood up.


He went to get some water and then turned to look at the little woman thoughtfully, whispering in his heart.

No, shouldn't she say "I love you"? Or "Marcus, let's get married! And so on.

Looking at the serious man, Cindy felt more and more warm from the bottom of her heart. She said to his tall back.

"Marcus, let's... Get married!"

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