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   Chapter 386 I Want Nothing But Her

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Seeing the bodyguards' posture, Vivian was so angry that she stretched out her hand and hit them.

However, these people were different from the previous group. They were all Hugh's trusted subordinates. Vivian was no match for them.

She was so angry that she shouted.

"Sophie, if you have the guts, come out and fight with me!"

Cindy glanced at her indifferently. "I'm sorry. I'm a woman without guts. Unlike you, you're a woman with guts like man."

She touched her belly gently. Since that man didn't let her live well, she would make him restless forever.

Vivian's forehead was covered with black smoke. Was she calling her a shemale?

"You, you!" Her chest heaved violently. Fortunately, she had no heart disease, or she would really be pissed off to death by Cindy.

Vivian didn't care whether she could beat these bodyguards or not. She waved her fist and wanted to rush over, but was stopped by the man who had come back.

"Vivian, I warn you, if you keep doing this, I will let your father take you away!"

Vivian looked at the man who came back in surprise. Why did he still treat her like this after Kaley finished talking with him?

Shouldn't he drive this woman away and marry her back to Italy?

The next moment, the man put the phone back into her hand, and then the phone rang. She looked at the screen, and it was Kaley's call.

She answered the phone in a hurry as if she had grasped a life-saving straw.

On the other side of the phone, Cindy didn't know how Kaley told Vivian. She only saw Vivian walk out while crying. She was like a deflated ball.

Frowning, Cindy looked at the man over there.

How did he tell his mother?

She couldn't think of any reason he would use to persuade Kaley.

Seeing her expression, Hugh smiled wickedly. "Why are you staring at me like that? Fall in love with me?"

Rolling her eyes at him, Cindy snorted. "What did you say to your mother?"

"I say, you are the only one I love, and I won't marry anyone except you!"

The smile on the man's lips became wider, but Cindy snorted again.

of Cindy. Don't you want to avenge your father? Come at me! Try to kill me!"

Hugh couldn't help but clench his fists. "Mr. Marcus, your life means nothing to me. You overestimated yourself."

"I can give you anything except Cindy!" Marcus' eyes were as dark as wolves, as if they were the fire of hell.

Hugh chuckled, "I want nothing but her!"

When he came to the Southern City, he saw the engagement ring on her finger, saw them sleep together, and smelled the scent of their love.

At that time, no one knew that his hand holding the flowers had broken the handle of the flower ball when he saw this with his own eyes!

At that moment, he had never seen his true heart so clearly.

Even if he gave up everything, he would not leave that woman to any man!

He had made up his mind to marry her, no matter who she loved or who she was thinking about.

As long as she was alive and lived by his side!

"No way!" Every word of Marcus' came out between his teeth, just like the will of Shura.

"Really? Let's have a try!" With a charming smile, Hugh waved his hand. In an instant, all the passers-by who had been walking took out their pistols and pointed them at Marcus.

Maurice, who came with his men, was also surprised to see that the whole airport hall was almost full of people followed Hugh.

Suddenly, he shouted.

"Master, bad news! We are fooled!"

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