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   Chapter 378 Love And Hatred

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Cindy narrowed her eyes and asked Vivian aggressively.

"Are you serious? Then you also know how my parents died that year? "

"The spy your parents sent to Hugh was found, so he told this to Daniel. That spy betrayed your parents in the end, and he brought your parents with a pile of useless documents. At that time, Daniel sent his men to tamper with your parents' cars, so your parents died in the car accident."

Hearing Vivian's words, Cindy clenched her fists.

"What about the explosion five years ago? What happened? "

"That's what Emma thought. But Carlos helped her at that time, and Hugh sent some mercenaries to him. At first, he wanted to blow both you and Marcus to death, but Marcus saved you and got seriously injured. So he asked Maurice to take you who were unconscious away first. On the way, Maurice was attacked by Hugh, and you were taken back by him. "

"When you were in a coma, Hugh sealed up the memory of Marcus saving you. And in your sub-consciousness, he pretended to save you. So since you woke up, you have been treating Hugh as your savior."

After saying that, Vivian looked at Cindy again. "That's all I know."

Cindy nodded, "Thank you."

She opened the window and jumped out.

"What... What are you doing?" Vivian stood by the window and asked.

"If you don't want me to be with Hugh, you can go back to sleep." Cindy replied coldly.

Vivian thought to herself, 'It seems that Cindy believes what I said.'

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she was sure that Cindy would not be with Hugh again, and from now on, no one could stop her from marrying him.

The servant walked into the study and said, "Master, Miss Sophie is here."

Hugh raised his eyebrows and said, "Bring her in!"

Cindy was taken to the study.

"You ungrateful woman, why do you come so late? Have you finished your work? " Looking at the woman coming in, Hugh smiled. She would never know how much he had done for her.

"Yes, sir!" With a smile on her lips, Cindy walked towards the man over there. This one who she trusted and who treated her sincerely was her enemy!

Hugh reached out and took her hand. "We'll go back to Italy tomorrow. Sophie, no one can hurt you

ather. How about this? Tell me, what should I do? Is that all? "

'What on earth did I do wrong? Who could tell me?

I just wanted to take revenge! But in the process of revenge, I fell in love with the daughter of my enemy! Who would tell me what I should do? What should I do?'

In this way, the two people's eyes were fiercely entangled. Five years ago, she was grateful to him, and his heart for her was not fake.

But what should they do now?

The hatred between them was so deep that they might never treat each other with the most peaceful attitude.

A moment later, the man spoke.

"Sophie, come back with me, or I'll let Marcus die."

However, the woman didn't answer him. All of a sudden, she took out a dagger from her waist and stabbed it straight at him.

"Hugh, today is neither your death date nor mine. Even if I die, I won't let myself become a tool for you to threaten him!"

'Marcus, I'm sorry. And I love you!

It's a pity that I can't tell you all this!'

He had done too much for her. She wouldn't let him be threatened because of her anymore.

Cindy tried her best to attack Hugh with all her strength and the skills he taught her.

The man's lips were always wearing a smile. 'Does she use the skills I taught to kill me? And it is to protect another man!'

All of a sudden, Cindy caught a loophole in Hugh's move. Taking advantage of this, she kicked him hard, and the dagger in her hand ruthlessly stabbed into his heart.

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