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   Chapter 377 Pandora's Box (3)

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As soon as Luke jumped down the stairs, he started to fight with Abbie.

However, Hugh, who had been pointed at by the gun before, was standing in front of the window, sipping the wine in his glass, as if the struggle behind him did not exist at all.

The sound of the fight soon attracted the attention of other bodyguards outside. They rushed into the villa one after another.

Seeing more and more bodyguards coming up, Abbie frowned. She was not afraid of death, but she had to kill Hugh before she died.

However, she was afraid that she couldn't do it.

The bodyguards were getting closer and closer to her. She reacted quickly and jumped out of the window. How could Luke let her go?

Numerous bullets flew over, hitting her waist and legs several times.

Although she turned around and shot at them, it was difficult to block their approaching steps.

She would die with regret today if she wouldn't have killed Hugh to avenge Andy!

All her bullets had been shot. Abbie looked at the sky sadly.

'Andy, I'm sorry. I can't avenge you!'

Suddenly, a car sped past and stopped beside Abbie.

"Get in the car!" Someone inside shouted.

She got in the car quickly. In the rain of bullets outside, the silver grey sports car was speeding at the speed of a racing driver.

Luke glared at the sports car. This mission to kill Abbie had failed.

He took his men back to the villa. "Master..."

Before he finished his report, Hugh interrupted him, "She ran away? Luke, I remember that you two are almost equal in Kung Fu. Have you been too comfortable under the leadership of Daniel? "

Luke lowered his head in embarrassment. Although there was an evil smile on the Hugh's face, it was enough to frighten him.

This man could always take your life with a smile!

"A sports car came from nowhere and saved her. I'll investigate it right away!"

Luke cursed. 'Is Andy still alive?'

If he didn't die, then he was really lucky.

But he couldn't think of anyone else to save Abbie.

"Abbie betrayed her master. The one who sees her must kill her!" There was still a smile on the corner of Hugh's mouth. It seemed that what he was talking about was not a huma

wanted to tell me the truth. What is it?"

Cindy looked at Vivian with her eyes, bright as the stars in the night.

When she came here just now, she saw many bodyguards running out. She then sneaked in.

She had planned to look for evidence in the study of Hugh, but she didn't expect to hear their conversation.

So she changed her plan and went to Vivian's room. She really wanted to know what had happened that year.

Vivian hesitated for a moment. She just wanted to frighten Hugh, but she didn't really want to do so. She knew clearly what would happen if she disobeyed this man.

"If you want to know, you can investigate by yourself!"

"I'm afraid I can't find it out myself. If you don't want me to treat Hugh as my saviour, or repay him with my own body, you'd better tell me the truth. You should know that Hugh wants to get me."

Cindy's words hurt Vivian.

"Do you believe what I said?" If she didn't believe her and told Hugh, she would be miserable.

"It depends on whether you are telling the truth or not. If you don't tell me, I'm just curious. Who knows if you will make up a lie to drive a wedge between us? Then I'll go to find Hugh. He cares about me, so please don't bother him anymore! "

As expected, Vivian got furious as soon as Cindy finished her words.

"You are not entitled to be with him! Your father killed his father. You are the daughter of the man who killed his father. You can't be together at all! "

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