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   Chapter 376 Pandora's Box (2)

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Cindy held her breath, and Olivia and Amanda slowly approached her.

But to their surprise, it was not a jewelry or a doll, but a thick stack of paper.

In the surprise of Olivia and Amanda, Cindy held the paper in her hand and read it carefully.

All of a sudden, her face turned deathly pale.



Her heart was so painful that she couldn't breathe. She stood up and rushed out.

Looking at the abnormal reaction of Cindy, the next moment, Olivia also reacted.

Amanda couldn't run too fast because of her poor health, so Olivia ran after her.

"Cindy, where are you going?"

Olivia quickly caught up with her and grabbed her arm.

Maurice asked them to keep her company and not let her out.

"Olivia, let me go. I have something important to do now!"

Cindy hurriedly shook off her hand.

"No, you can't go out now. We'll wait for them here until Marcus comes back." Olivia also tried her best to hold her arm tightly.

"Olivia, listen to me. It's my fault. Marcus didn't lie to me. He didn't hurt my parents. I'm going to find him now. Let go of me, okay? "

The letters her parents left to her were written to her by themselves.

It turned out that when her parents were about to celebrate her birthday, they received a phone call from the person who was sent by her parents to be a spy around Daniel.

The man said that he had got the evidence of Daniel's malicious absorption of the company, but someone wanted to kill him and he asked his parents to go to him to get the information.

Her mother, who had always been cautious, felt that there was something strange about it. She didn't want to go, but this was the only chance to get the evidence.

So in the end, her mother followed her father with worry.

Perhaps they had a hunch, so that her mother asked her father to write this letter to Cindy on the way.

He told her in detail about their plan with Marcus, and only the three of them knew about it.

In order to prev

he knew that she would be hunted down by all the killers!

"You are so obsessed with a man! In fact, you don't have to do such a stupid thing at all. After he died, you can still be my killer and get what you want. Isn't it better? "

"Are you really willing to give up the opportunity to find your family for a dead person? Even if you take revenge for him, he won't know anything. Is it worth it? "

"It's worth it! Since I came here today, I didn't expect to get out alive! "

The smile at the corners of Hugh's mouth was more obvious, and his voice was more arrogant.

"Since you want to stay with him so much, I'll fulfill your wish! Come on, I'll give you a chance to compete fairly! "

Abbie's face was as cold as ice. "Do you think I'll fall into your trap?"

This man was crueler and more cunning than anyone else. She couldn't fall into his trap. The first thing she needed to do was to shoot at him.

She thought so and did the same. She quickly pressed the trigger with her fingers, and with the sound of gunshot, the man's body dodged.


Hugh snorted coldly. Immediately, Luke, who stood in the corridor upstairs, pointed his gun at Abbie.

Abbie pursed her lips. If she wanted to get rid of Hugh, she had to get rid of him first.

So she turned around quickly and shot at Luke.

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