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   Chapter 375 Pandora's Box (1)

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Cindy choked with sobs. Every time she knew he was so cruel, she would still be addicted to his love and couldn't extricate herself.

Marcus's eyes flashed. He stared at her and asked, "You... You remembered everything?"

"Yes, I remembered it. I remembered everything when I saw the contract that Daniel gave me. I remember you carried me home on your back. I remember you peeled shrimps for me. I remember the doll you gave me. I remember you braided my hair... "

After a pause, she continued, "I still remember how cruel you were to me! You always asked me to believe you and believe that you love me. But what about the current accounts of the Swiss bank that were checked out from your computer? But do you know, Marcus? Even if all the evidence is clear in front of me, I still tell myself in my heart that I won't leave you! We will stay together no matter what. But... "

"But now my brother is dead!"

Tears poured down her face, and the pain spread from her heart to her limbs. She was unable to breathe, and her lower abdomen was also suffering from pain!

"Cindy, believe it or not, I will tell you everything now. Listen to me, when your father sensed that someone attacked our three families, all the blame was on Daniel. In order to get the evidence and defeat him in one go, your father asked me to pretend to cooperate with him so as to gain his trust. That's why I signed the contract with him. I will tell him the news I got from Daniel. We united to annex Daniel's company. "

"The plan went well at that time, but I didn't expect that Daniel would kill your parents. Daniel has always been cautious. I didn't have much evidence at that time, so I had to continue to act with him. It was not until later that I found out that in fact, Daniel was not directly against the people of our three families. There were still people behind him... "

As Marcus spoke, he suddenly flashed and felt dizzy again. He almost fell down.

Seeing his action, Cindy couldn't help but want to step forward, but the next second she reacted, pursing her lips and forcing herself not to help him.

"Enough, Marcus! Do you want to tell me that you killed my brother to save him? It was my parents who asked you to take over the Luo Family. And my parents were killed just because you did

. He was her enemy. Her heart was broken but she couldn't help missing him.

"No Nothing... "

She repeated in her heart with a nervous face. 'Cindy, he is your enemy! You must remember that he is an enemy, the murderer of your parents and brother! You can't be softhearted to your enemy!'

"What are these?" Seeing the beautifully packaged boxes, Amanda couldn't help asking.

Cindy looked at the boxes again and said, "These are my parents' birthday gifts for me every year."

"Why didn't you open it? Don't you see what's in it? " Amanda asked curiously.

"They must be some jewelry! Or dolls. They usually give me these. "

Then, Cindy walked over and opened a box. It was her birthday gift when she was eighteen years old.

But it was strange that the box couldn't be opened.

She frowned slightly. Olivia and Amanda beside her were also confused.

"Cindy, this box has a lock." Olivia pointed at the small key hole and said.

"It's true. You have to open it with a key, right? Cindy, do you have the key? " Asked Amanda.

After thinking for a few seconds, Cindy remembered the key on her neck.

"I don't know if it's this."

When she took out the key, her heart beat a few times inexplicably. This key was held tightly in her hand when her mother was dying. Would it be the key to open the box?

"Great! Open it and see what's inside." Amanda shouted.

Taking off the key, Cindy took a deep breath and approached the box.

With a click, the box was really opened!

'What could it be inside?'

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