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   Chapter 373 Falling Off The Cliff

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Abbie leaned against the wall helplessly. Hugh was right. When Andy knew the truth, she would die!

The next second, she seemed to realize something and ran out of the room regardless of anything. She was going to find Andy.

Cindy tossed and turned all night. When she got up, the sun was shining.

When she walked out of the bedroom, the living room had been cleaned, but there was still a strong smell of flowers.

She smiled and could imagine how he reacted when he came back last night and saw the mess.

She turned around and walked to the study. That was what she had to do. At the moment the man left, she had made up her mind to be with him.

But she had to give her parents an explanation.

She would check all the bank records. If he really did it, she would give it to her brother. No matter how her brother punished him, she would bear it with him.

Regardless of life.

Of course, when she saw the words on the screen, her heart was still staggering. 'It was really him!'

She bit her lips tightly. 'Sorry, dad, mom!

But I love him! More than my own life!

I think my brother will definitely avenge you!'

She quickly printed out all the records, but to her surprise, her brother had an accident.

The Luo Family's house was surrounded by the police. She couldn't even get close to it.

"What happened? What happened to my brother? "

Cindy looked up and saw Nicolas.

"Miss Cindy, Mr. President was vilified for transporting drug. Since the amount was huge, I'm afraid this time..." Nicolas pulled Cindy to a remote place and whispered.

"How could this be? What about my brother? Where is he now? " Cindy looked anxious.

Nicolas shook his head. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. Before the police blocked the door, I took out some important information."

Then he opened a bag and showed it to Cindy.

A blue folder caught her attention. She immediately took it out and opened it. It was indeed the contract in Daniel's hand.

"How could my brother have this? How did he get it? "


Hugh's eyes were dark and deep, and in the depths of his eyes was a mass of ink that could not be melted even for a thousand years.

Somehow, at this moment, when he looked at the pair of clear eyes in front of him, he felt a sense of guilt.

However, he had no way back!

"Sophie, you know it's too late even if I call in my men now. The police have surrounded here. Do you want me to rescue a prisoner?"

The man said coldly. There was no expression on his usual enchanting face at this time.

'Sophie, that's how our relationship is. We can only go on like this, and no one has the right to stop, let alone… Go back!'

Cindy stood there, lost in thought. 'What should I do?

As for Marcus, will he get into trouble because he is with my brother now?'

When she turned around, she saw two men standing on the edge of the cliff.

The police had approached them. Two dignified men stood in the sea breeze, showing no sign of escape. In fact, they had no way to escape.

The only thing left was to jump down from there.

Suddenly, Cindy saw Marcus raise his arm. Her eyes widened and her lips began to tremble violently.


When she saw her brother fall off the cliff, a loud gunshot pierced her nerves!

She opened her eyes wide and her eyes were bloodshot. Then she fainted in the arms of the man beside her.

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