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   Chapter 371 His Apology

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Marcus's heart sank. Now that Daniel was dead, things were even more troublesome.

When Amanda and Bob arrived at the Chu Family's house, they happened to see Mrs. Val standing at the door.

"Val, why are you here?" Amanda was so happy that she threw herself into her arms. She had been with Mrs. Val since she was a child, and she had already regarded her as her mother.

"Amanda, I'm so happy to see you get married! "

Tears of joy welled up in her eyes. Her biggest wish in her life was that the two children raised by her could be happy.

Now that Amanda has married, she was half relieved.

Tears of joy welled up on Amanda's face. "Do you know, Val? I thought you were dead. Why did you come to me so late? "

"I... I just got some news about you and then came over."

Mrs. Val hesitated. She had been with Daniel before, but somehow today he suddenly asked her to look for Amanda and told her that she would take care of Amanda from now on, but she was not allowed to tell her that he was still alive!

"Amanda, let Mrs. Val in first."

Bob reminded her.

Amanda wiped her eyes. "I'm so happy that I forgot it. Val, let's go inside! By the way, what's this bag? "

She looked at the bag Val was holding. It didn't look like clothes.

"Nothing. It's just the deeds of the land on the island before." Val said in a low voice. There was indeed a deed for land here. But besides that, there was also a document that was handed over to her by Daniel before he left.

He said that she should give it to Amanda when the Huo Family was in danger and then let Amanda deal with it.

After watching them walk into the villa, Bob looked back. Somehow, he felt that someone was staring at them all the time.

Late at night, when Marcus came back home, he saw a mess on the ground.

He frowned slightly and knew what was going on with her.

Curling up in the quilt, Cindy listened to the footsteps outside the room.

Of course she knew who was back, so she shrank her head more tightly into the quilt. She didn't want to see that annoying man!

Sure enough, when the man pushed the door of the inner room, he encountered an obstacle.

Because she locked the doo


The man's lips curled up slightly, and he pulled her head into his arms with his big hand. "Now you know you care about me. Don't piss me off anymore! "

He rubbed her hip with the other hand and asked, "Does it still hurt? I will never do that again. If you are still angry, I will take off all my clothes and let you slap me when I finish my work in these two days! "

Cindy's face flushed. She felt it was so awkward when he said that he would take off his clothes. Then she hit the man's chest with her little hand.

"Marcus, don't doubt my love for you. I won't marry anyone except you!"

If she hadn't loved him so much, how could she still be entangled with the hatred or the love for him!

"Yes, I remember!" The man lowered his head and kissed her forehead. "It's really time to go. Go to bed early. I'm fine now. Don't worry about me, okay? "

For his own headache, he thought it might be the same as before.

'Doesn't the drug work again?

It seems that I have to do an examination and change the drug later.

But I have rarely lost control of my emotions because of the blood of the lion beast, and there was no symptom at all. Why did I suddenly have a headache?

Maybe it's not because of the disease, but because I did not have a good rest.'

Anyway, he didn't have time to see a doctor now. He could only wait for two days to solve all the problems and then let the doctor of the research institute have a check.

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