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   Chapter 370 Perish Together

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Cindy didn't expect that the man would do this to her. She roared and dodged.

"Marcus, you bastard! Don't touch me!"

She was lying on her stomach and wanted to punch him, but she couldn't.

"Don't move if you don't want to get hurt!"

The man's warning came, and his big hand firmly imprisoned her body.

The pain swept over her. She grabbed the leather seat hard and her nails were almost scratched.

"Marcus, I hate you!"

"No matter you hate me or not, Cindy, I just want you to know that you can only be mine for the rest of your life!"

He had never wanted her so desperately. He was too afraid because of his appearance and her tampered memory. As long as he thought that she might leave him, his heart would be torn apart.

In the villa, the girl on the bed looked pale and cold.

When the man carried her from the car to the bedroom, the expression on her face was just like this, calm without any waves.

It was already dark. Her eyes were empty and she had been lying here for the whole afternoon, but there was no sign of hunger. She just felt a faint pain.

There was a knock on the door. It was the voice of a servant.

"Miss Cindy, dinner is ready. Let me bring you the dinner."

"No, thanks."

After a short while, there was no sound in the room.

The servant stood at the door, hesitating. After taking a few steps, she finally turned back.

"Miss Cindy, this is the flower ball that Mr. Marcus ordered for you. How about… Bring it in for you? It's so beautiful. "

This time, Cindy's face, as cold as a statue, finally reacted. She suddenly sat up and rushed out of the bedroom without wearing shoes.

The whole room was shrouded in the fragrance of flowers. She was so angry that she smashed the flowers on the ground and stepped on them with her feet to vent her anger.

'Why did he do this to me?

I didn't want to be with Hugh at all, but he was crazy about me!

He was so bossy and unreasonable that I wanted to slap him. No matter what happened today, I didn't do an

new that he could not live at all. Even if he died, he would still drag Hugh to die. Without Hugh, he would never do those things. Now he thought that he had been used by this man from the beginning!

It was so sudden that Hugh didn't have time to step back. He grabbed a bodyguard beside him in front of him.

Even if Hugh used his man to block the attack, he was still blown back. His chest was full of blood and broken flesh of his man, and a rib pierced into his chest.

When Daniel's men saw that he was dead, they all ran away in all directions.

"Master!" Luke ran to help Hugh up.

"Damn it!" Hugh cursed. This time, Daniel was blown into pieces, but he was not sure whether the documents were on him or not.

"Run!" He ordered.

Both Marcus and Andy were searching for Daniel. He was afraid that they would find him soon!

Luke asked his men to help Hugh retreat quickly.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Marcus arrived with his men.

He frowned. Judging from the scene in front of him, he could tell that Daniel was dead, and he had committed suicide.

"Is it Hugh who died with him? He must be desperate to kill Hugh! " Said Maurice.

Marcus glanced at the broken corpses and said, "No. Hugh won't wear such cheap clothes. I wonder if he has taken the document away."

'If the document is destroyed or taken away…'

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