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   Chapter 369 The Person Behind All This

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Cindy was about to catch up with them, but was stopped by Alex.

"Cindy, is Hugh the one who saved you?"

"Well, Cindy, I don't care whether he saved you or not, but you'd better stay away from him in the future. That person is not simple!"

Said Andy as he approached his sister.

"Brother, he saved my life. It's impolite of you to say that. Well, I'll go to have a look."

"Come back!"

When Andy saw that Cindy was about to leave, his tone was a little cold. He stretched out his big hand and grabbed her.


"Marcus will take care of it. Just stay with Amanda!"

There was no room for negotiation in Andy's words. Looking at the direction in which the two men disappeared, Cindy didn't understand why Marcus was so hostile to Hugh.

"Hugh is my guest!"

"Cindy, let the man solve the man's problem. That's not what we women should do. Bob's mother is not in good health, and I can't even treat the guests. You come to help."

Miranda walked over, held Cindy's arm and pulled her away.

In the open space behind the church, two men stood opposite each other.

"If I didn't say anything wrong, your father's name is Jacob. He wanted to kill Cindy's father. Unfortunately, the Luo Family, the Chu Family and the Huo Family ruined his plan. I didn't expect him to have you as his child!"

Marcus said in a cold voice.

Maurice investigated all the network of Charlie, from which he found Hugh, the man who had always cooperated with Charlie in business!

He not only found out that he was a pharmacist, but also found out that Hugh was the son of Jacob!

As long as he thought about it, he finally knew that he was the one who had been controlling the overall situation!

Hugh smiled evilly and said, "The investigation is very detailed. I didn't expect you to know my identity so soon!"

"Well, you have done so much and left so many marks on purpose. Don't you want me to know your identity? I know you're back for revenge! But it has nothing to do with Cindy. You can take revenge on our three families, but you can't hurt her. She was not born at that time!"

Hugh nod

enough?" His face darkened and he seemed to be holding back his anger.

Cindy broke free from his grip and shouted angrily, "Am I making trouble? I've told you that Hugh is my friend. Even if he wants to pursue me, why do you hit him? What mistake did he make? "

The woman's words seemed to break the man's last sanity. He threw her hard on the back seat. He put his hand on her shoulder to stop her from standing up, and hit her butt with the other hand.

"Why did you take the flower ball from him? Don't I have money to buy it for you? Or do you want to marry him? Why should you care about him? Do you know why he approached you? You believe whatever he says? "

The man hit her with all his strength. Cindy really doubted that he wanted to beat her up, but what was wrong with her?

She shouted angrily, "Bastard! Why do you hit me? He has saved me many times. He is my friend. Is it wrong for me to care about him? Humph! Even if I want to marry him, so what? We are not married. It's none of your business! "

What she said was, of course, her angry words. She couldn't get rid of him because he beat her like this, so she could only say so to annoy him.

But what she didn't know was that her angry words touched the bottom line of the man's heart.

Gritting his teeth, Marcus asked, "Marry him? Woman! You're fucking courting death! "

As he spoke, he reached out his big hand to her.

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