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   Chapter 368 The Silent Gunpowder

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6480

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"Where is Cindy?" Amanda asked Bob beside her. Under this noisy circumstance, she was confused and didn't know where to throw it.

Deep inside, she also hoped that Cindy could receive it. Of course, if Alex could receive it, then Olivia would be blessed!

Bob looked back at the crowd and said, "Just throw it away! If this thing is useful, there will be no man or woman left. "

'If someone wants to get married, he should grab it himself. Why should my woman worry about him? I don't want to tire my wife and child.'

The crowd behind her urged her again. Amanda pursed her lips and asked, "I really threw it away casually?"

"Throw it away!" Bob snickered. He would like to see how the omnipotent Marcus would take the flower ball for Cindy.

Amanda nodded. "I'm going to throw it away!"

She waved her arm with all her strength, and the flower ball was thrown behind her.

With a beautiful parabola, the flower ball flew over everyone's head. Marcus and Alex jumped up to catch it, but there were people around them, so the flower ball flew over from their hands.

A man who stood at the end of the crowd suddenly jumped up. His perfect move was done in one go, and the flower ball was grabbed directly in his hand.

Everyone looked back, but they didn't expect that it was him.

The female guests all screamed and rushed to the man. Who would he give the flower ball to?

With an evil and attractive smile on his lips, the man walked along the red carpet step by step.

Cindy looked at the man in front of her in astonishment. In her opinion, he seldom left her territory. Even if he left, he would only go to several countries related to his business, because he had said that his identity should be kept secret.

He didn't want his business to be exposed. But why did he come to the Southern City?

Marcus stared coldly at the man who was walking towards him. His eyes were as cold as ice, and no one could

hink so in his heart.

'Today is my wedding. Is he going to screw it up?'

Marcus and Hugh finally let go of their hands at the same time.

"This is Mr. Hugh, the top pharmacist in the world, but very few people know that he is a descendant of an ancient aristocrat in Italy. Unfortunately, his business is somewhat shady."

Cindy stared at Marcus in surprise. She had no idea how he knew so much about Hugh.

"Mr. Marcus, you flatter me. How can I compare with you? Your business is spread all over the world. Although it is deeply rooted, it will be unpredictable if it is too ostentatious. "

"Oh, Mr. Hugh, we have a party after the wedding. What do you think..."

Although there was no smoke, Bob could smell gunpowder. So he wanted to ease the tension.

But before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Hugh. He went straight to Cindy and said, ignoring Marcus who was beside her.

"Sophie, I just arrived here. I think this church is very good. Can you show me around?"

"She still has to accompany the bride. If Mr. Hugh doesn't mind, I'm willing to take you around. What do you think?" Marcus said coldly.

Hugh's icy blue eyes narrowed, "That's exactly what I want!"

The two walked side by side, and the crowd had automatically made way for them.

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