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   Chapter 363 Little Kitten, Long Time No See

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"Have you found it out?"

A deep male voice sounded, as if he was afraid of waking up the sleeping girl on the bed. He took the phone and walked to the door. With a "click", the door was closed.

"Master, we found Daniel. He is in a house which is to be demolished."

"Good. Keep an eye on him. I'll be there right now!"

The man's eyes were full of light. He ordered the servant and then walked out of the villa.

Not long after Maurice opened the door, he saw a house being demolished.

Due to the development and construction, almost all the houses here had been demolished, and there were only a few people who hadn't moved out.

Marcus got out of the car. Looking at the scene in front of him, he frowned slightly. It was hard to imagine that the arrogant Daniel would live in such a place.

"Master, we came after Daniel's bodyguards. We were afraid that they would find us if we followed them too closely, so we had to follow them far away. Now I can make sure that they live here, but I don't know where they exactly live. "

One of his men reported.

Marcus nodded and said, "You guys go to different places. When I lead him out, I'll catch him again!"

After saying that, he strode towards the houses that were about to be demolished.

Among the dilapidated walls, the man in suit and leather shoes looked particularly abrupt. He could feel that there were flashes of figures in the ruins.

Suddenly, a gunshot came at him. In a flash, Marcus was behind the broken wall.

"Daniel, come out and have a talk,"

The man chuckled in the quiet air. "Marcus, you brought so many people here. Are you going to kill me?"

As soon as Marcus walked out from behind the broken wall, he saw a man standing in the rubble.

"Whether I will kill you or not depends on what you do!"

"You mean you will let me go?" A mocking smile appeared on Daniel's face.

"Hand over those documents and tell me who is behind you!"

In the ruins, the man's voice was low and his eyes were cold.

However, Daniel chuckled. "And then? And then send me to the Commercial Crime Investigation Office? Or do you want the UN police to arrest me, a criminal who studies biological and chemical species without permission? Don't tell me you will let me go! As far as I know, you have been cooperati

ite, we should be able to catch Daniel. He loves his sister very much. Now that she is married, I think he will definitely attend the ceremony!"

Hugh finally opened his beautiful eyes. "Wedding? Well, this is a good chance."

He smiled and thought, 'My kitten, long time no see.'

Did you miss me? You ungrateful woman, see how I will punish you after I take you back to my hand this time!

In the middle of the night, Cindy woke up from her sleep. Looking around, she was very sober now.

That man... was not in!

In the past few days, they had almost been together, and she rarely had such a chance.

Her heart beat faster and faster, but she knew what she should do.

When she calmed down a little, she had already got out of bed.

In the middle of the night, the servants were still sleeping, and it was quiet around.

She came to his study easily and looked at the computer lying quietly on the table, which was the key to reveal all the truth!

She walked over, sat down gently on the chair and turned on the power.

Her heart was beating faster and faster. A strong sense of uneasiness swept over her whole body, and she even had an impulse to turn off the computer immediately.

However, when she lowered her head, she saw the ring on her finger.

She really wanted to marry him! She wanted it so badly!

Therefore, if she could prove that he was innocent, then she...

She made up her mind and typed on the keyboard with her slender fingers. Marcus, I believe you love me. So, don't let me down!

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