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   Chapter 361 Don't Make Her Feel Wronged

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In any way, his father had always been his role model!

No wonder even though her father had passed away for many years, her mother still couldn't forget him.

In other words, in a person's life, how lucky he was to meet such a person that he couldn't forget, he didn't dare to, and he didn't want to forget...

He knew what his mother was thinking!

But as a child, how could he feel at ease when he saw her always like this?

After thinking for a while, Alex finally said something he didn't want to mention all the time.

"Mother, I don't think father wants to see you like this for so many years. Don't always be so sad. Although father has left, you still have me and Bob!"

Lola Shen withdrew her gaze and focused on him again. After a while, she smiled again, "Yes! Fortunately, I still have you. Well, don't worry. I'm really fine. I'll take care of myself."

"But mom..."

"Stop it. You always thought I was verbose before. Why do you become so indecisive now. I'm fine. Just get used to it. Go ahead with your work! If you really want me to be happy... Bob is going to married and has his own child. You are not young anymore. It's time for Chu Family to have a mistress... "


"Why are you silent?"

"Mom, how can it be so simple? It's... I'm still looking for the one."

Alex said perfunctorily.

Indeed, he had reached the age of getting married and starting a family. No wonder his mother always talked about this topic, but he...

It was said that a mother knew her son better than a anyone. How could Lola Shen not understand that it was just his perfunctory words? She could not help shaking her head and said, "Looking for the one... Don't you have many women?"


"Really? Your mother doesn't care about anything else, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't even know the news about her son. Although most of the news on the newspaper was untrustworthy, one or two times could be false. Could it be that three or four or five times still fake news? Alex, your mother is not an old fool. Her eyes are shining!"

"Mom, don't bother to take care of the gossips."

"You! What do you want me to say about you?

elt warm in his heart. His mother's concern was always simple, but real.

But in fact, he lied.

He didn't have any social engagements, nor did he want to go back. In fact, he was afraid of going back.

In the end, he went back to another place which could be called home, where there was Olivia waiting!

As soon as Olivia got off work in the afternoon, she hurried back. Although he called her last night, he didn't say anything, so she was restless all day long.

She had always wanted to call him and ask him about it, but she was afraid that it would be inconvenient for him to answer the call when he stay at home.

She could do nothing but wait!

Therefore, she came back early and cooked as usual. She prayed in her heart that he would come back tonight. She had something to say to him, and she also had questions to ask him.

So, when Alex came back, he saw such a scene.

His girl was wearing an apron and cooking in the kitchen. A burst of seductive fragrance floated into her nose, making him saliva.

The smell of home warmed Alex's heart. He didn't call her but walked towards her quietly.

Until he walked behind her and held her waist...

The woman in his arms was obviously frightened. She screamed softly and even dropped the spatula in her hand. She leaned back and stepped on his footㄡ

In such a short time, the two of them were in a messy. But after all, Olivia recognized the person behind her.

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