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   Chapter 360 I Like Her Very Much. What Should I Do

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"No..." She answered softly, as if after a long time of fear, her heart was finally relieved because of his call.

"Go to bed early!" He said this again, indicating to end the phone.

But he called her just for this purpose. He always just talked about the matter on the phone, and would not spend more than two minutes. So the two of them were uneasy on both ends of the phone and didn't know what to say.

"Aren't you coming back?" She added quickly, as if she was afraid that he would hang up the phone before she finished. She was dependent on him so much.

He was surprised again, but then answered casually, "Yes, I have something to deal with at home..."

He was still as he said when he left. Then he heard her muttering, "Oh..." The last word was long, indicating that she knew.

He wanted to ask "What's the matter?" But he hesitated for a moment and still couldn't speak.

He couldn't calm down for a long time. 'Why do I feel… She seems to be looking forward to my return?'

This made him a little stunned, but he quickly suppressed the trend of woolgathering. He always felt that he was trying to grab something. He had already reached out his hand, but it was so powerless.

He clenched his fists dejectedly and continued to say in a gentle voice, "Go to bed early! That's it Bye. " After saying that, he hung up the phone immediately, leaving no chance for hesitation and regret.

He was inexplicably tired.

It was late at night. Alex came to his father's study. As soon as he opened the door, a familiar smell came to his face.

Since her father died, it had been idle, but everything was still the same. The decoration was in order, without a trace of dust, as if his father had just stayed here and never died.

He looked up and saw his father's large photo still hanging firmly on the wall. The features of the father and the son were very similar. The only difference was that perhaps after years of training, the father looked calmer and more mature than him.

He closed his eyes and suddenly felt sad.

'Dad, I'm sorry. It's my fault that mom got sick and couldn't take good care of her!

ed face. Since then, even if he was hungry and thirsty at midnight and cried loudly, his father would never let his mother get up to feed him.

The reason was simple. As a man, he would be superior only when he suffered a lot!

When he grew up, he was speechless!

He still remembered that when he was in primary school, he fought with a senior boy and broke his hand, but he was beaten badly. He was afraid of his strict grandfather and father, so he could only hide outside and did not dare to go home.

This made his family very anxious, especially his mother, who had shed a lot of tears. After he was found, his father didn't feel worried about him, but raised his hand and slapped him in the face. The reason was even simpler, because he, the troublemaker, made his woman sad!

In his impression, his father and mother had been playing the role of black face and white face in his growth.

His father was strict, and his mother was gentle. He had been rebellious when he was young. But in the end, he knew that as the eldest son of the Chu Family, how important the responsibility and mission he had shouldered was. Strictness could make him successful.

It was not until a long time later that he himself became a father and had a woman who he wanted to protect for the rest of his life. At that moment, he realized… Poor parental love!

A man, a good man, is to protect his beloved woman from any harm!

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