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   Chapter 359 The Tenderness In His Eyes Could Drown People

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She looked up and saw Alex rushing in. It was obvious that he had just come from the golf course. He was wearing a white sportswear, which was more casual than his usual suit.

But even so, his tall and handsome figure could not be blocked.

She looked at him and couldn't wait to ask him why he put her phone number on that category.

Alex touched her eyes. Her focused and strange eyes were different from usual, which made him a little confused.

But he didn't forget why he came back in a hurry, "Who called me?"

It was not until then that Olivia realized she was absent-minded. She quickly handed the phone to him.

"Well I don't know. It's from a woman. She calls you Mr. Alex... "

Alex didn't say anything. He just checked the call log on his phone.

"Well I answered it by accident... "

She said carefully. He glanced at her, and she quickly added, "I didn't mean it. I was asleep at that time. When I heard the phone ring, I thought it was my phone, so I answered it casually. But I didn't say anything. I just said hello. Really! "

Seeing her like this, the man suddenly pulled the corner of his mouth and chuckled, "Why are you so nervous?"

"I I'm... " She was afraid that his family would know about it!

She didn't finish her sentence. She just lowered her head and pressed her lips tightly.

"It's okay." He said.

Hearing this, she raised her head and felt relieved.

Indeed, as long as he was there, everything would be fine.

She was still thinking about asking him that question, but the man had called back.

It seemed that someone answered the phone soon. The office was so quiet that she could still hear a faint voice from the phone.

Although she couldn't hear the details, she could still tell that it was the woman before.

Alex listened carefully. After a while, his face suddenly changed.

Seeing him like this, Olivia couldn't help but sweat. 'Is there really something wrong?'

Her heart was pounding wildly. She always had a bad feeling. Suddenly, he said to the phone, "I know. I'll be back soon!" Then he hung up the phone.

Seeing his anxious look, Olivia was even more anxious than him. She quickly asked, "What's wrong? What happened? "

"Well, There is something to tackle in my family. "

He answered casually. Before she asked what it was, he said, "I have to go back right

that he had injected a tranquilizer into the infusion bottle, so she fell asleep deeply. Looking at his mother's face, he guessed that his mother must have been very sad these years!

The whole afternoon passed quickly. He reached out and touched his mother's forehead. Her fever was finally brought down. It was not until then that he slowly felt relieved.

It was getting dark. Nancy walked into the room and said to him with concern, "Mr. Alex, you can go to eat something first! I'll stay here and take care of her. "

Alex nodded, thinking that his mother would not wake up in a short time, so he went out.

He had dinner alone. When he looked at the time again, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. His mother hadn't woken up yet, and he would never leave. He thought for a while and took out his phone.

He was worried about her all the time.

As soon as the phone was connected, a familiar voice came from the other end of the phone, "Hello..."

He was a little surprised, and his heart trembled. He didn't expect her to answer the phone so quickly, as if… She had been waiting for his call all the time!

Thinking of this, his heart sank inexplicably. He could not speak for a long time.

"Alex..." Maybe she didn't hear his voice, she was a little uneasy, so she called him in a low voice. There was a hint of worry in her tone.

"I'm here!" He answered her almost at the fastest speed. Then he asked, "Have you slept?"

At this moment, perhaps even he himself did not know that the tenderness in his eyes was enough to drown people!

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