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   Chapter 357 A Longer Situation Like This

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Of course, she was not always obedient. If she was pushed too hard, she would do something against him.

For example, he hadn't woken up yet, but she dared to pour cold water on him!

He was so angry that he jumped his feet. He really wanted to grab her and beat her butt hard, but she stuck out her tongue and quickly explained that it was his father who asked her to do so.

She had done such an excessive thing, but she would wait for him under the shade of the tree after school. They would go home together when the day was finally over.

After he left the court. He would throw his towel and his sweaty uniform to her.

She wasn't annoyed. She not only helped him tidy up everything, but also handed him the water she had prepared in advance.

She always followed him obediently, like his wife.

So his friends began to joke again, saying that his wife was responsible for monitoring him every day.

The others burst into laughter. He didn't explain but let them guess, because he suddenly felt that such a joke was also a kind of enjoyment.

It was just because the protagonist of the joke was her and him.

They were all too impure. He wanted to have a taste more than once when he taught her to do homework and saw her pink lips, and more than once wanted to do something when he saw her bend her waist and helped him clean his room.

But he held back his impulse.

She was so young, and so beautiful. He couldn't bear to do that.

As for the so-called child bride, he suddenly felt that this idea was not bad. To be honest, he liked and enjoyed the life with her.

It would be good if she could be his wife in the future.

He thought for a long time and decided to tell his father that he would let her stay at their home like this in the future.

His parents were not that kind of old-fashioned and did not attach great importance to the family background. Moreover, the Chu Family didn't need to compliment anyone.

As long as he liked it, his parents would respect his opinion.


He still couldn't wait for her to grow up!

Everything changed with that incident.

The happiness of his imagination vanished in an instant, and he was almost on the verge of collapse.

And at that t

with you?"

He looked nothing like the domineering and irritable man she knew.

It could be said that he was abnormal!

Until he looked at her again, she saw her own image in his eyes. The bottom of his eyes was like a whirlpool that attracted her deeply.


Two seconds later, his hoarse voice sounded. Before she could react, a kiss fell on her lips. That was different from the previous blazing, but unprecedentedly tender and affectionate.

That night, they loved each other very much, and that night, they also loved each other very gently.

Since that night, their lives seemed to have quietly changed.

They would quarrel for no reason, and then make up as if nothing had happened, and their relationship would be better after they made up.

He went home on time every day. There were only two of them in the house. If he came back earlier, he would cook for her, and she would help him clean the house.

Every night, he would sleep beside her, and even if there were social engagements, he would call her.

As time went by, she really hoped that this situation could keep longer.

One day, when Olivia woke up, she didn't know what time it was. There was no one beside her, and the bed was a little cold.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She closed her eyes and fumbled on the bedside table. Finally, she found her phone. "Hello..."

Her eyes were still closed lazily, but the voice from the phone made her instantly clear.

"Hey, Mr. Alex, hurry up..."

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