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   Chapter 353 Let's Get Married Next Month, Okay

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"Sure enough, he is still alive!" Hugh sat on the back of the chair with a playful smile.

"I'm sorry, master. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have trusted Elaine too much. I didn't expect that Daniel would run away!"

Hugh raised his hand and said, "It doesn't matter. This game will be more interesting."

"But Daniel might still be holding the documents of cooperation with us. I'm afraid that his research on biology will be exposed to the public. " Luke frowned and looked worried.

"He dares not! If he dared to expose it, wouldn't he admit that he was not dead? Humph! Fight with me? Luke, keep an eye on the Luo Family. Hurry up. It seems that we have to go on a trip. "

"Where are you going, master?" Asked Luke.

The man's lips curved into an evil and attractive smile. "Go to the Southern City to see my kitten."

The next day, Marcus took Cindy, Bob and Amanda to the board of directors and explained to everyone that Bob and Amanda were engaged. She disguised herself as his fiancee just to cooperate with him to destroy Carlos and Emma.

Before Marcus finished his words, Bob continued to add the news that he and Amanda would hold their wedding next week.

Looking at the two happy people who had to hand in hand wherever they went, Cindy felt that she couldn't keep up with them.

Suddenly, she felt a warm feeling in her hand, and the man's hand wrapped her hand.

Marcus whispered in her ear, "Let's hold our wedding next month, okay?"

Now, both Carlos and Emma had been eliminated. As long as they found out Daniel and caught the backstage manipulator, all the grudges between the Luo Family and the Huo Family would be settled. Then he could marry Cindy!

One month was enough for him.

Lowering her head, Cindy didn't let the man see the unnatural expression in her eyes.

She didn't say anything but nodded slightly.

What would happen after a month?

She didn't dare to think about it.

Walking out of the Huo Group's building, Amanda took Cindy to go shopping with her. As the bride, she had a lot to buy.

Cindy talked and laughed with Amanda all the way, with more and more things in her h

eel at ease? How could she face her brother and parents in heaven?

"Cindy, why didn't you order anything? What are you thinking about? " When Amanda came back, she saw an empty table and Cindy who was in a daze.

"What?" She curled her lips awkwardly. "Nothing. I was just wondering what else you need. Have you decorated your wedding room? Besides, if Bob gets married, will his mother come back from abroad? "

Nodding her head, Amanda said, "I'll leave everything to him. His mother will be back in a few days. But Aunt Miranda said that I'm not feeling well these days, and she asked me to live in the Huo Family and go there after his mother comes back."

"That's great. Then we can still be together. How lively it is!" Said Cindy.

"By the way, Cindy, my dress is ready. You can go with me to try it on later!"

"Okay!" Cindy nodded with a smile.

In the CEO's office of the Huo Group, Marcus received a call from Maurice. "Master, I found Daniel. He went to see Miss Cindy just now, but we didn't hear what he said because we were too far away. Then he left. He didn't see Miss Amanda. "

Marcus frowned. Bob wanted to marry Amanda as soon as possible, and he happened to take this opportunity to get Daniel out. But to his surprise, Daniel didn't meet his sister, but Cindy!

"Have you found out where he lives?"

"No, he is very cautious. Our people failed to follow him." Maurice answered truthfully.

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