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   Chapter 352 The Death Of Carlos

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At the sight of the dead body, Cindy became very anxious. She ran over, but fortunately, there was no Marcus.

'But where is he?'

The helicopter had already started to fly away from this place. There seemed to be no sign of life here.

Andy checked a few bodies. "No! They are not Marcus's men. Cindy, he is not here! "

Realizing that they were at Carlos's place, he strode towards his sister.

Suddenly, a figure popped out from behind a rock and held Cindy in his arms.

"Carlos!" Andy was shocked. He didn't expect that the man didn't die after being bombarded like this.

A group of people rushed over from afar, led by Marcus.

Carlos held Cindy in one arm and pointed a gun at her head with the other.

"Cindy!" Marcus furrowed his eyebrows. He had come to look for the dead body of Carlos, but he didn't expect to see this scene.

"Marcus!" Cindy finally felt relieved. 'Fortunately, he is fine.'

"All of you retreat!" Carlos shouted as he took Cindy back.

Obviously, he was seriously injured, leaving his blood all the way on the ground.

"Carlos, put down your gun. You've lost a lot of blood. You need treatment." Cindy whispered.

But Carlos didn't stop and hid Cindy into the gap between the two huge rocks.

"Andy! I asked you to save Cindy. You are out of your mind. Why did you bring her here? "

"I brought Cindy here? I wish I could knock her out and take her away! Grandson! If my sister didn't worry about you and insisted on visiting you, could I bring her here? If you want to blow, just blow it up! Why is Carlos still alive? " All of a sudden, Andy's anger rose.

The two men were so angry that they almost tore each other apart.

Now that Carlos had taken her into a crack in the rock, they could do nothing about it.

Marcus became extremely angry. "You should have knocked her out and taken her away!"

'Bastard! His sister is my woman. Who does he call grandson?'

Andy hit back. "If you died, my sister would be sad for a lifetime. Can I bring her here? Why don't you go to hell? "

"If I die, your sister will be a widow!"

"If you are dead, I will let her marry another man!"

All of a sudden, Cindy felt her arm loose and fell down.

"Carlos!" Only then did she see cle

d happily. "I've told you that if Cindy wants to leave, I'll let her go! But you should hear it clearly, Andy. She doesn't want to leave, so I won't let her go! You are very busy in H City. Why don't you go back there? "

Andy gritted his teeth. "It's none of your business when I'm leaving! Cindy, I won't leave for the time being. If he dares to bully you, come back to me! "

Cindy nodded and thought, 'I'm sorry, brother. I think I'll leave with you soon.'

Not interested in watching the funeral, Andy left after telling his sister.

Following Carlos's last wish, Cindy and Marcus scattered his ashes at the highest point of the East Mountain.

The setting sun dyed the whole mountain red. She thought Carlos would like this place where he could see the sun and stars.

"Why do you have to die? Can't you stop? " She asked in a low voice. She didn't understand why he was so determined.

"Because he can't stop, and his power won't let him stop either! People always have a lot of helplessness at the peak of power! " Marcus answered dejectedly. He had no choice.

It was so easy for him to marry the woman he loved!

On a small island covered in green, Luke walked into a huge office.

"Master, Carlos is dead!"

Hugh raised his eyes to take a look at Luke and laughed scornfully. "He still has not defeated Marcus in the end. Well, he is really stronger than I imagined! Have you found out the person who kidnapped Emma for Cindy? "

"Yes, it's Daniel!" Answered Luke.

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