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   Chapter 351 Only One Glance

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"Where is it?"

Maurice walked to the map and marked the location, "In these two places! Master, does he want to lure us to these two places?"

Marcus looked at the terrain and said, "This is the place with the densest trees, not a good place to fight."

He looked back and forth between the two places. "Maurice, the cliff between the two places is a good place to hide people."

"Our men have searched this place by satellite map. There is no cave here and they can't hide people." Said Maurice.

Marcus pulled out the pictures taken by satellite from the computer and looked at the cliff carefully. "Maurice, look at these stone walls. Are they a little special? They seem to be different from the surrounding."

Sure enough, when Maurice looked carefully, he found that these stone walls seemed to be more abrupt than the surrounding.

"Master, do you mean that this might be a man-made shelter built by Carlos?"

Marcus nodded. "Yes, it's possible."

"But we also found a camp in the valley." Maurice seemed to remember something.

"That was Carlos' trick. He wanted to lead me there. I will make his wish come true tomorrow!" Marcus banged his fist on the table.

The next day, Cindy was woken up by the gunshot. Naturally, she didn't see Carlos when she got up. However, there was a roast chicken on the top of the brazier. Because of the high position, the chicken wouldn't get cold even if it couldn't be roasted.

She walked towards the window. Knowing that Marcus was here, she opened the window and carefully identified the direction of the gunshot. It was in the valley behind the precipice where she was.

Her heart clenched. Since Carlos had stayed here for such a long time, he must know the terrain very well.

And now, he deliberately used her to attract Marcus. She didn't know how he would deal with Marcus.

The gunshots in the valley became more and more intense. She glanced at the bodyguards outside, biting her lips, and wondered if she should make a move.

Marcus led his men to attack Carlos. The terrain of the valley was more complicated than they had imagined. More importantly, Carlos had set many traps and buried many bombs here. He didn't dare to let his m

he was always in her heart!

"Yes! Our plan is that he will pin down Carlos and I will come here to save you! "

He was secretly glad that Marcus' judgment was right. He did see his sister after he came! Fortunately, he came in time. Otherwise, his sister would have been killed by the bodyguard.

Suddenly, there was a roar of helicopter in the sky, with the sound of helicopter's shooting. The whole valley seemed to be swept flat.

Cindy shook off Andy's hand and ran back.

"What are you doing? It was dangerous there! The bullets cannot judge who you are!"

"Brother, let me have a look at him!" She tried to pull her brother's hand away.

"No way! It's too dangerous for you to go there. Come with me now!" Andy was really anxious. He had tried his best to save his sister, but this silly girl still ran back.

However, Cindy's feet seemed to have been rooted and refused to move. "Brother, it's dangerous there. Let me have a look! Please!"

She had her pair of big watery eyes to look at him, and this move had been worked a hundred times since childhood.

Sure enough, Andy agreed and said, "Okay! I'll take you there!"

He endured the anger in his heart. This girl was still worried about that person's life. How could that disaster die so easily!

They climbed the mountain and entered the valley. The battle had just ended, and the air was filled with the smell of scorching soil and sulfur.

Not far away, they saw corpses on the ground.

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