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   Chapter 349 Brother Confrontation

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The moment Cindy was kidnapped by Carlos, he knew the news!

In the meeting room, everyone could feel that today's Master had the potential to transform into a Asura. It seemed that as long as there was another straw that irritated him, he would immediately destroy the whole country.

Suddenly, the sound of running came in from outside, and the door was pushed open from outside. "Master! Mr. Andy is here with his people! "

All the people in the meeting room stood up in an instant. What was going on? Are the Luo Family and the Huo Family going to fight again?

After the fierce battle five years ago, the two families had no intersection anymore. They both strictly followed the principle of not interfering with each other and stayed within their own territory.

Today, it was the most serious provocation to the Huo Group that Andy and his men broke in!

Between Marcus' eyebrows, the cold current of Alaska swept across his cold face. Without saying a word, he walked straight out of the door, and his subordinates quickly followed him.

Under the Huo Group building, the road was jammed with cars.

It seemed that his face, head and whole body were burning. Andy stared at the man walking out of the building without blinking.

The two men were at a stalemate.

"Andy! Do you think things are not messy enough? You must destroy the Huo Family and the Luo Family! "

"Marcus, I'm looking forward that there are no descendant for the Huo clan every day!"

Marcus sneered, "You'd better keep your mouth shut! Don't forget that your sister Cindy is my girl!"

Damn you! Bastard Andy! Did he know who he was cursing?

"My sister? You fucking remember my sister! Let me ask you, where is my sister?"

He threw a punch at Marcus. If it weren't for his sister, he wouldn't have made things so troublesome and waited for so long!

Marcus raised an arm to block his attack. His men behind him also took out their pistols and pointed them at the Luo family, and the Luo family also took out their weapons to the opposite site.

Marcus blocked hi

time when he kidnapped her, she deliberately left the hairpin to leave a message to Marcus, which had angered him. He even wanted to blow her up.

This time, Carlos just used her as a bait to catch Marcus. She knew clearly what kind of role she was in his heart now.

But her stomach was not affected by her thoughts. It groaned.

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, which was rare to see, he looked at the roast chicken on the iron bar in his hand and finally added a handful of salt. The oil dripped into the brazier, making an irresistible sound.

Cindy couldn't help swallowing again. She was really hungry. She never thought that a roast chicken would smell like this.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Carlos stood up and walked towards the table. She lowered her head and took a bite of the biscuit in her hand. Suddenly, the golden roast chicken appeared in her sight.

She raised her head confusedly and looked at the man. Did he let her eat?

"Eat this! You can't get used to it." As Carlos spoke, he took a biscuit from her hand and put a steel fork with chicken in it into her hand.

When Cindy was still in shock, the rest biscuits were put into Carlos' mouth. She was really stunned. That was what she had eaten.

He looked back at Cindy who was in a daze, "Why don't you eat? You haven't had breakfast yet. Aren't you hungry?"

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