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   Chapter 348 You Can Only Lose Life

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6988

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Carlos accelerated and drove at a crazy speed. However, the people chasing him were like ghosts that could never be shaken off.

He glanced back through the rearview mirror. If it went on like this, he would really be caught by Marcus.

He looked up at the sky anxiously. When he saw Marcus, he had already dialed his phone and sent an emergency order, but his reinforcements hadn't arrived yet.

Suddenly, the sound of a huge propeller came from the sky. An airplane came towards him. The long rope ladder floated in the air and gradually leaned towards his car.

Carlos turned on the automatic speed system of the car, and it was still driving at the stable speed. He got out of the window, jumped to the roof, grabbed the rope ladder and quickly climbed up.

"Shoot!" As soon as Marcus gave the order, the gunshot started.

The helicopter rose quickly, which arrived a height that the bullet could not reach.

Damn it!

Marcus pounded his fist on the leather seat. He didn't expect that Carlos had a gun. And he didn't expect that he would call a helicopter in such an emergency.

Everything in front of him could only prove that Carlos had always been cautious. Every time he took action, he would arrange a retreat for himself.

"Master, what should we do? We can't catch up!" Maurice could only look at the helicopter in the sky and sigh.

"Why don't you transfer our flight here?"

Marcus waved his hand. "It's useless. When you send it here, he has already escaped. Block all the airports and airlines. He should run away this time!"

"Yes, sir!" Maurice gave others the order from his Master.

On the plane.

"Vice president, where are we going now? How about we leave the country directly? " One of Carlos' men asked.

Looking up at the sky, he said with a cold smile, "If we go abroad now, we're courting death! Drive directly to the Huo's hospital. Marcus is sure that I will run away, but he doesn't know. I want to fight with him more than to live!"

Lying on the bed, Cindy looked at the news on her cell phone wearily. It was late at night. The m

uit to Cindy.

Holding the quilt, Cindy took the clothes. Although it was cold, she felt lucky that he didn't touch her!

She stared at Carlos' face. After a pause, he seemed to figure out the reason. Lowering his head, he turned around with his back to her.

She quickly put on her clothes, got out of bed, walked to the window and opened it. Sure enough, she could see the endless mountains.

"Stop looking. You can't escape from here!" Said Carlos in a low voice.

"Carlos, if you take me away, you will not only offend Marcus, but also the Luo Family! My brother has come back. He must know that you took me away from the hospital!"

"You want to tell me that I'm courting death? But how could I survive without taking great risk? I have no way back! No matter where I go, I'll be a wanted criminal of the Huo Family. The things in Marcus' hands not only can deprive me of all my rights in the Huo Family, but also take my life!"

"Even if I escaped abroad by chance, I still have to live a life of hiding everyday. I have to worry about being found by him every day! I'd rather take all the risk to win than lose! The only thing I can lose is my life! Do you think so?"

Hearing his faint voice, Cindy didn't expect him to see through everything so thoroughly.

At the same time, in the meeting room on the top floor of the Huo Group, Marcus was also making arrangements.

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