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   Chapter 346 She Is Not Emma

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7201

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Seeing the man, Tom immediately took a few steps forward and stood in front of Emma, looking at the man vigilantly.

"Carlos, how do you know I'm here?"

"If I can't control you, how can I let you leave freely? I have installed the satellite navigation on your phone, so I know your whereabouts very well. "

"I just want to protect Miss Emma!"

Carlos clapped his hands and said, "You are so infatuated with her. I heap praise on you. Unfortunately, you like the wrong person! "

After a pause, Carlos turned to look at Emma.

"The real Emma you mentioned is already dead! Am I right, Miss Josie? "

Emma's body trembled. She was not Emma. Her name in the orphanage was Josie Xia.

Tom looked at Emma in astonishment, "That's impossible. She is Miss Emma!"

"Tom, do you want to marry me? If you kill this man, I will marry you! " Emma quickly stopped Carlos, because once Tom knew the rest, she was afraid that he would kill her.

Without any hesitation, Tom pounced on Carlos, who easily dodged his blow. "You betrayed my order for this woman. You didn't kill her, but saved her instead. Tom, do you know how stupid you are? "

"I love her and I'm willing to protect her. I'm willing to die for her!"

Carlos kicked Tom to the ground and said, "I can tell you that the real Emma died in the orphanage 10 years ago. The person who killed her is the woman beside you! Her original name was Josie. She took the place of Emma and became the lady of the Luo Family. You are so ridiculous! Who you have protected for so many years turned out to be the one who killed your woman! "

"Don't listen to him! Tom, he is talking nonsense. He is afraid that you will save me. "

Cold sweat broke out on Emma's forehead. This was the thing that Carlos had in his hand to control her.

Back then, Cindy's parents went to the orphanage to look for someone. She overheard what they said in the director's office.

At that time, although she didn't understand what they were talking about, she understood one thing that this rich couple wanted to find her niece.

Her heart was pounding wildly. If only she were their niece, then she would b

love with such a woman who was more vicious than a snake! You deserve to die! "

Without looking at the man on the ground again, Emma finally had a weapon. She held the gun tightly and pointed it at Carlos.

"You want to kill me? At the worst, I will die with you! My gun is not weak. Carlos, if you let me go, I will disappear completely and never appear again! "

Carlos snorted and approached her. "Kill me? Let's see if your gun is weak! "

Emma's legs couldn't help trembling. It was not the first time she had killed someone, but she was afraid of such an opponent.

As the man got closer and closer, her gun shook more violently.

"Stay away from me, or I'll shoot!" Her trembling voice threatened the man with difficulty.

Carlos continued to walk forward as if he hadn't heard her.

"Come on! Shoot! Let me see if your shooting is accurate or not, okay? "

The man's sneer made Emma's blood freeze. A vicious look flashed through her eyes. She aimed at Carlos's heart and shot.

She finally realized that everyone only had one life. This man was not terrible, and he could not bear bullets either.

She pressed the trigger of the gun with her fingers wildly and shot all the bullets at the man in a few seconds.

When all the voices stopped, her eyes widened.

The man not only did not fall to the ground as she expected, but also continued to walk towards her with a cold smile on his face as usual.

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