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   Chapter 344 Interrogation

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Her throat was so sore that she couldn't say a word. When the misunderstanding about Emma was dealt with, she could no longer suppress her love for him.

When Cindy and Marcus saw the deeds of Emma written down by the woman, especially that she had an affair with Carlos, Cindy didn't expect that.

Moreover, it seemed that Carlos had something against Emma. She was afraid of him.

Besides, Tom also liked Emma. He always stuck to Emma and obeyed her.

Of course, Cindy knew that it was Emma who poisoned her.? "We really underestimated her! She has been with Carlos for a long time. It seems that her child is also his. " Marcus said coldly.

Frowning, Cindy said, "Then I think Carlos will go to save her, won't he? After all, she is pregnant. "

Marcus sneered, "Save her? It is possible for him to kill her! Carlos has lost his humanity. He is ruthless and what he wants is the position. He will do anything for it. Saving Emma means admitting their relationship? Then he will no longer have the qualifications to fight for the position. Therefore, Emma is just a waste to him. He will only destroy her. But we are waiting for him to destroy her! "? He took the woman's hand and sent her back to the ward. "Wait for me. I'm going to interrogate Emma."

Cindy nodded obediently like a kitten.

The man's big hand gently rubbed her hair, and the corners of his mouth were filled with a happy smile. "Good girl, I will treat you well when I come back tonight!"

As the man walked out with a smile, Cindy's face turned red with shyness.

On the other side, Emma stared blankly at the cold iron railings in front of her. 'Will my dream be shattered like this?

I was going to be the hostess of the Huo Family and to be a superior. But, my dream was shattered suddenly!

No! I don't want to fail. I cannot fail. I have come to this day step by step. How can I give up?'

"Bang!" The heavy iron door of the cell was opened, and a prison guard came in with food. It was already lunch time.? The man handed the food to the small window and closed it again.

Emma struggled to stand up. Because she hadn't changed her sitting position since she was brought in, her legs were numb.

She rubbe

los didn't die, she would be the one to die!

"Sure!" Marcus didn't refuse this condition.

"Besides, I want you to marry me. I want to be the hostess of the Huo Family!" Emma looked up and said.

Marcus smiled coldly, as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

"You are still so ignorant! I can promise you that I will let you die comfortably, but you actually want me to marry you! Don't you know your own situation? In fact, even if you don't say anything, as long as you get out of this cell, he will kill you! "

With a cold smile, Emma said, "I know. But I also know that as long as I die, no one will help you get rid of him. If I'm dead, I will leave a scourge by your side, making you restless all your life. It's a good deal! "

She smiled in a low voice, and her long messy hair made her look like a horrible female ghost.

"Humph! Without you, I can also get rid of him!" Marcus didn't want to talk to her anymore. 'She wants to die uglily. Why should I stop her?'

He strode out of the cell. His men had already ambushed around the prison, waiting for anyone to enter.

The cell was unusually cold during the day, and it was even colder at night. Emma rolled herself up on the bed and wrapped herself in the quilt.

Suddenly, the sound of a key was particularly harsh in this dead silence.

Her eyes were fixed on the door, and her body trembled uncontrollably. 'How could a prison guard come here at night? Is he trying to kill me?'

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