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   Chapter 343 Being Together

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7168

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Now Cindy had roughly understood what Marcus meant. She lowered her eyebrows. According to their conversation, it should be Emma who bribed that woman to disguise Cindy.

She looked at the same face as herself. 'No wonder Emma wanted to kill her.

But what is Marcus doing?

If he exposes Emma, what about his child?'

She looked at the man beside her with confusion.

"Marcus, what do you want to do? Just tell me in one breath."

Director Wang had almost guessed something, so he was not interested in listening to his interrogation.

Marcus didn't ask Emma any more. She had completely lost the ability to explain, and she had no strength to refute.

"Let me make it clear. This woman is the one who pretended to be Cindy and pushed down Amanda. She didn't commit suicide yesterday, but was killed. But she narrowly escaped, and the person who killed her was Emma. "

"This is the evening dress she wore that day. The tear on the corner of her dress coincides with the cloth found on the nail. After testing, the fiber of the cloth is the same as that on this dress. It can be determined that it is from this dress. Maurice, give the test report to all the directors."

As soon as Marcus finished his words, Maurice distributed the report to the directors. Everyone's faces darkened after reading the report.

"Here is the statement made by the police, because the person who wanted to kill her choked her throat. She can't speak now, but this is her own statement. The police testified that she wrote it herself. She accused Tom of killing her, and the person who directed Tom was Emma. "

At this moment, a gun suddenly rang out.


The woman, who had been standing still, fell to the ground with the sudden response. Her chest instantly turned red.

Everyone was shocked. The bodyguards quickly rushed to the window, trying to kill the sniper in the distance, but that person had already run away the moment the bullet was shot.

"Send her to the hospital!" Marcus ordered anxiously.

Cindy stood up and wanted to run to see the woman, but her hand was grabbed by the man.

Marcus looked around the meeti

was so strong that I lost too much blood and fainted in the bathroom. "

"I didn't expect that when I woke up next morning, Emma acted again, but I knew that I had done nothing with her! The reporters also caught the news. I think those photos were taken when I was in a coma. "

"Cindy, do you remember that you found the wound on my arm the day I came back?"

Cindy's eyes could no longer bear her tears, and big tears rolled down her cheeks.

These words "cutting artery to vent blood" almost killed her.

She couldn't imagine how terrible the situation would be at that time! In order to keep their pure love, he used the most dangerous way to remove the drug.

She bit her lower lip tightly. He fainted after bleeding. He almost lost his life for her, but she didn't believe him at the first time. Instead, she believed in the so-called evidence of Emma.

The woman held back her tears. Then, the man held her face and kissed her tears.? "Honey, don't cry. I'm fine. Don't worry. I haven't done it. I will prove that the baby is not mine! At that time, she can't vilify me anymore, and we can be together aboveboard. "

Yes, he had set up a big trap this time. He wanted to get rid of not only Emma, but also Carlos. After he got rid of these two people, there would be no other women around him, and she could be with him legally.


Cindy's lips trembled. 'All he has done is to be with me!'

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