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   Chapter 342 Death Date

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Early in the morning, Cindy was awakened by a burst of suffocation and numbness. Her mouth was full of the smell of a man, and his tongue stirred in her mouth, as if to swallow her.

"Emmm..." She thumped his shoulder and whimpered.

Feeling the woman's resistance, Marcus loosened his lips and said, "You're awake. I'll take you to see a good show today. "

Cindy looked at the man in surprise and didn't understand what he meant. 'What kind of good play is it?'

Marcus scooped her up and said, "Let's go wash up."

"I can walk by myself..." She swallowed her words back before she finished, because the man had already taken her into the bathroom.

Fortunately, the man didn't pester her anymore. The two of them washed up and walked out.

Cindy got on the car driven by Maurice. She remembered that it was the way to the Huo Group.

She frowned and wondered why Marcus took her to the company.

When she walked into the huge meeting room on the top floor, she found that it was already full. Even George and Miranda were present.

At first glance, Cindy saw Emma sitting next to the CEO's seat. Her face was stiff. It was not that she couldn't let it go, but that she really couldn't face it.

Especially when she thought of the baby in Emma's belly, her heart seemed to be dug up, and it was bleeding uncontrollably.

Marcus held her hand and led her to the CEO's seat.

Cindy tried to withdraw her hand, but failed.

Now that the man sat down, she could only sit on his left seat.

Emma raised her chin and glared at Cindy. She didn't expect that Marcus would let Cindy sit beside him in front of so many people.

"Marcus, why did you call us here for an emergency meeting?" Carlos asked, sitting on the back of the chair.

"Marcus, is it time to discuss your marriage? Mrs. Miranda, the Huo Family has been established for so many years. It's time for good news. "

Director Wang was pissed off when he saw Marcus lead Cindy in. He wanted to put Marcus's marriage on the agenda at once.

Emma pretended to be shy and lowered her head. But the greed in her eyes was exposed.

From now on, everything in

ame. How do you know that she is the one you are talking about? " He said with a smile.

Emma's eyes widened. As expected, the news didn't say that. But because Tom had reported to her the place of handling her, she knew it was this woman when she saw the name of the factory. She quickly caught a key point.

"I recognized her according to the photo. Yes, I recognized her according to the photo."

Marcus raised his eyes and said, "The woman's face in the photo was blurred, so you can recognize her?"

"Yes. Look at her clothes. I can recognize this one. She has worn it before." Emma's lips were trembling and her voice was trembling.

The horrible feeling enveloped her whole body, and the man was like reeling silk from cocoons, exposing her sin little by little in the sun.

"This dress has been tested to be new. When did you see her wear it?"

Emma's heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her throat. She looked at the woman's clothes again and found that they were really new. She blamed herself for being too nervous.

"Oh, I remember it wrongly. It looks like what she wore at the Huo Family's party, so…" She was more flustered.

Marcus's eyes lit up. "Humph, but I won't invite her that day! I've found out that she pretended to be Cindy. Do you think she can still attend the Huo family's banquet? "

A chill swept over Emma's whole body, and cold sweat wetted her whole back.

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