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   Chapter 341 Alienation

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She thought of that Daniel had gone to save Amanda. She didn't know what was going on there.

"I've arranged everything for Amanda. Daniel seduces me to save you, so that he can save Amanda. I asked Abbie to pretend to be Amanda. She is fine in the old house. It was Abbie who was kept in captivity that day. "

Cindy's heart tightened. She thought Daniel's plan was flawless, but she didn't expect this man outwitted.

All of a sudden, several bodyguards found that there was something wrong. They surrounded Marcus and Cindy one by one.

"Marcus, do you think you can take her away?" A bodyguard shouted.

Marcus subconsciously stood in front of her and asked, "Do you think I can't? "

He whistled and his men escorted a woman out of the cave.

"Get out of the way! Otherwise, we will kill her! " One of Marcus's men pointed a gun at the head of Mrs. Val.

The bodyguards didn't dare to move anymore when they saw that Mrs. Val were caught. At last, they could only watch Marcus take Cindy away.

"What? Ran away? "

When Bob came back and heard what Maurice said, he couldn't help but feel a little annoyed.

Maurice lowered his head in shame, "It's my fault. I'll ask my master for punishment."

He didn't expect that Daniel was so difficult to deal with. They had tried their best, but he managed to escape.

Bob waved his hand. "Don't say that. You've tried your best. I don't think Marcus will blame you. It's just that Daniel is too difficult to deal with. "

"Master, you are back! Master, you are injured! "

Maurice looked up and saw Marcus walking into the room. His arm was dark red.

"Nothing." Marcus strode in.

It was just a bruise. It was nothing to him.

"Marcus, Daniel has escaped." Bob immediately reported the situation.

Marcus frowned. "It doesn't matter. You go back to take care of Amanda. As long as she is here, he won't challenge us easily. Besides, you should be careful when you go in and out."

"Okay, I'm going back. Good night!"

It was getting late and Bob began to miss his woman and baby.

"I'll call the doctor." Maurice then walked out of the room.


ill Carlos and eliminate all the things he had against her!

In the middle of the night, Marcus finally returned to his room. The woman had fallen asleep, immersed in the faint light of the night lamp. The dark soft light was enough to warm his heart.

No matter how tired he was, his heart was full of happiness when he saw her in the light. No matter how much he had done, he was willing to do it.

He lowered his head and kissed her gently between her eyebrows, as if he was afraid of waking up the sleeping beauty.

After a long time, she woke up.

Hearing the sound of water from the bathroom, Cindy opened her eyes.

She clenched the quilt tightly. 'I'm going to face him later, but how can I face him?

But if there is something wrong with me, he will notice that it is difficult for her to calm down.'

Soon, the man slipped into the quilt with the scent of body wash.

She could feel that the position beside her sank. The man's long arm passed through her neck, and with a hook of his arm, she fell into the man's arms.

"Good night, baby." The man whispered.

Cindy's heart twitched. 'He knows I'm pretending to sleep.' All of a sudden, she wanted to cry.

'Why does he disturb me?' She would rather he was ruthless to her, so that she could hate him as much as possible.

The man did nothing but hold her in his arms. Smelling the familiar scent of the man, Cindy gradually fell asleep

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