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   Chapter 340 He Is Really Coming!

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"Then what do you want?" Asked Cindy tentatively.

Daniel smiled evilly. "I really want to know what he will do if I threaten him with your life. "

Hearing that, Cindy frowned and her heart twitched. 'What will he do?'

Looking at the woman with a serious expression, Daniel said. "Don't worry. I won't really do anything to you. Besides, we have to carry out our plan. I will let you see a good show this afternoon."

Cindy nodded. She couldn't tell how she felt now.

When Marcus was discussing the next step with Bob, he received a message.

Arrive at the East Mountain at two o'clock in the afternoon, or I'll send your woman to the hell.

He handed the phone to Bob and said, "Have a look. "

Bob frowned and said, "He is testing if you are really seriously ill. "

Marcus narrowed his eyes and said, "I'm afraid that's not the only purpose. Have you arranged everything for Amanda?"

"Yes, everything is ready." Replied Bob.

"Well, if Daniel wants to play a game with me, let's play it till the end. You go to save Cindy this afternoon. "

Soon it was two o'clock in the afternoon. According to the time set by Daniel, Bob and his men arrived at the appointed place. From afar, he saw a woman hanging on the cliff with her head down and her face invisible.

Bob cried out in horror. "Cindy!"

There were gravels under the cliff. As long as she fell down, she would die without a doubt.

The woman hanging on the rope was still covered in blood. Apparently, she was in a coma.

Bob's heart ached. Even if he had no love for Cindy now, he still had feelings for her as her family. He couldn't accept it when he saw her like this.

"Hurry up, go and save her." He completely lost his mind and just wanted to save her.

However, it was obvious that there had been an ambush set by Daniel. The people hiding on the cliff kept shooting down with their submachine guns, and the people of Bob couldn't get close to her at all.

Standing on the other side of the cliff and looking at the people below, Cindy had to admit that what Daniel arranged was indeed a good show. It turned out that the person who came was Bob, not Marcus.


ld you to wait for me. Let's go! Let's go home! "

Marcus held Cindy's hand tightly. Although the woman was held in his arms as he wished, he couldn't feel her temperature. There was a kind of indifference around her.

Cindy turned her head and saw two bodyguards lying on the ground. Apparently, the sound of gun silencing was the sound of beating them.

"How do you know I'm here?" She was really surprised that he could find here. 'Wasn't the person who disguised as me on the opposite cliff?'

"Yesterday, Daniel led us to the opposite cliff. I was wondering where he would be. For him, he should watch all this as the winner, so I pretend to be injured and let him relax his vigilance. "

"When I went back yesterday, I found the topographic map of this mountain overnight and analyzed the terrain here. Obviously, this is the best place to watch, and I also found the old man who used to guard the mountain. According to him, there is a wooden house for the mountain keeper to live on this cliff, and there is a cave not far away from here. If Daniel wants to stay here, he must find a place to live. The conditions here are in line with his requirements. "

"He sent me a message today. It's the cliff opposite, so I asked Bob to hold his men. I'll come here to save you!"

Marcus explained as he held her hand and went down the mountain.

Cindy didn't expect him to do so much work.

"Wait a minute. What about Amanda?"

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