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   Chapter 339 Kill Her To Keep The Secret

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7396

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There was a sinister smile on Emma's face. It turned out that Amanda's child was Bob's!

How happy she was when she heard the news!

She had planned to abort Amanda's child, but it seemed that she didn't have to worry about it.

Without Amanda, she was now the only fiancee of Marcus. Things went more smoothly than she had imagined. She no longer needed the chess piece in front of her, and if she kept alive, it would only be a threat to her.

Even if this woman didn't come today, it wouldn't be long before she sent Tom to kill her.

And today, she just hit the muzzle of the gun.

Under the order of Emma, Tom suddenly pounced on the woman. He tightly held the woman's neck with his two hands and tightened his ten fingers.

The woman's neck was out of breath by the man. She lost all consciousness.

Tom loosened his grip and the woman fell to the ground like rags.

"Is she dead?" Emma muttered worriedly.

Tom squatted down and touched the woman's pulse. "Don't worry. She is dead, but what should we do with this corpse?"

"Change this dress for her, and then drive my car out. Throw her anywhere and make a suicide scene. Isn't Marcus looking for her? I just send him a dead person. Let's see how he can investigate it. "

This suit was exactly the one that the woman wore on the day when she framed Cindy.

When Emma said she would give her clothes, she specially bought two and was ready to let her take the blame one day.

Tom put the clothes on the woman and said, "Okay, I'll transport her out right now."

"Wait, are you going to do this in public? Do you think this is where Carlos lives? There are servants outside! "

Emma took out a suitcase from the wardrobe and said, "Put her in and take her away. "

Tom quickly opened the suitcase, stuffed the woman in, lifted the suitcase and walked out of Emma's room.

"Tom, I don't want these things. Please donate them to an orphanage for me!" Emma leaned against the door and pretended to talk to Tom.

"Don't worry, Miss Emma. I will make it." Tom replied.

He walked towards the car with the suitcase.

Abbie received a call and greeted Nicolas after a while.

"Someone saw Tom walking out of Emma's room wit

iously ill. Do you think it's true? "

Frowning, Cindy continued, "No matter he is seriously ill or not, you have to save Amanda."

She didn't expect that Marcus would expose this to the public. For the Huo Family, they would never tolerate the unfaithfulness of women.

Didn't he think about how he would end up if Daniel didn't save her?

Obviously, what he did put Amanda in danger!

Daniel raised Cindy's chin with his finger and said, "It's not the first battle between me and Marcus. The one who doesn't want to give up his chips the most is the loser! He made it clear to me that he wanted to hang me up. He was sure that I was worried about Amanda. I was wondering if he would really kill her if I didn't go there. "

"Daniel, take me to change for Amanda." Said Cindy.

"Do you want to come back to him as soon as possible? Or do you really help me save her? "

The man's eyes were fixed on her.

Her eyes were as calm as a pool of autumn water, without any waves. "Our original plan will also need me to go back, isn't it just right?"

Daniel snorted. "In that case, won't I admit defeat to him? Even if it's our plan, I won't let him easily save you. Besides, I can't expose my identity. "

He wasn't afraid of competing with Marcus, but he was afraid of another person.

Now he didn't have the ability to deal with two strong enemies at the same time. He could only kill Marcus first, and then deal with that person, who wanted him to die!

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