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   Chapter 336 Still Missing The Enemy Who Has Killed Your Parents

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Cindy clenched the contracts tightly. 'Because of this, they killed my parents!

Marcus, why? Why did you do that?'

Her parents had already written a will that they gave her half of the shares of the Luo Family. That was to say, as long as the two of them got married, Marcus would get half of the shares of the Luo Family.

'Did he just want those shares so eagerly?'

She bit her lower lip hard. Although she had tasted the sweetness, she didn't feel any pain.

"Now, our common enemy is Marcus! We can work together to destroy his company. Of course, I'm also your enemy. Now I can guarantee that after we get rid of Marcus, we can have a fair competition. If you can kill me, I won't complain or let my men revenge on you. What do you think? "

Daniel said slowly.

His eyes were fixed on Cindy's face, and the despair in the woman's eyes attracted his sight.

He closed his eyes in pain, and the sight of his mother on the verge of death appeared in his mind. She was also so desperate at that moment.

"Have a rest! Marcus will come to save you. I'm going to prepare for it. "

Cindy didn't hear what Daniel said at all. She was completely immersed in the despair of her parents' death and being betrayed by her man.

Marcus's men were ambushing around the mountain. The mountain was large and dense. If they wanted to go into the mountain to search, it was like looking for a needle in the sea.

He had activated the satellite to detect every move in the mountain.

At this moment, his phone rang. It was from Miranda.

"Marcus, what time is it now? Why haven't you brought Cindy back yet? It's time for dinner. You two come back quickly! "

Miranda's urging was like a knife cutting Marcus's heart. He was going to have a family reunion dinner. But he had lost the woman he loved most!

He sobbed, "I'll be right back!"

He hung up the phone and fixed his eyes on the mountain.

He believed that the man chose the East Mountain not on a whim, but he was well prepared. The mountain here was dangerous, and it was easy to defend but difficult to attack. That man would never let him find their hiding place so easily.

He turned around and made arrangement, leaving Maurice and his men to continue searching for their hiding place.

When he arr

le, or it will be difficult. "

"I understand!" Emma raised her chin and walked past Carlos. It seemed that she had succeeded in becoming the hostess of the Huo Family.

But she had to think about how to deal with Amanda.

In the dead of night, the whole table was filled with food.

"Anyway, we have to eat something." She pulled Cindy to the table.

Looking at Cindy and Daniel, she still hoped that they could be a couple.

"Do you want to drink?" A bottle of red wine was handed to her.

To be honest, Cindy really wanted to get drunk.

'What is the Huo Family's old house like now?' Emma had gone back, and she had his child. The Huo Family must be very lively. It shouldn't change anything because of her absence.

She took the bottle, filled her glass and drank it in one breath.

'Ridiculous! I still miss the enemy who killed my parents!'

When she poured the second glass of wine, Daniel took the bottle from her hand.

"I asked you to eat food, not to drink wine. It's not appropriate for you to drink this because of your current bad physical condition."

Cindy chuckled, "Yes, I still have a lot of things to do. I can't get drunk to death! "

She picked up the chopsticks and began to pick up food randomly. She didn't know what she was eating, but just swallowed mechanically. Only in this way, her body would not collapse. She had to face all this for her parents!

Suddenly, there were several gunshots coming from the woods. With a sullen face, Daniel stood up and walked out.

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